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Codrington College

Hiking with the Barbados National Trust is an excellent way for us to see the island and get some exercise at the same time. This past weekend we met at Codrington College in St. John, Barbados.  What a gorgeous spot. A very long, palm tree-lined driveway led to a wonderful coral stone building.

 Construction on this building started in 1715 and it was finally finished, and opened in 1745. As a Canadian, those kind of dates just blow my mind. Canada is such a young country, but here in Barbados, I am surrounded by history, and I am finding it fascinating.

Codrington College was established by Christopher Codrington III, who was the son of the Governor General of the Leeward Islands. He went to Oxford University in England, and then joined the army. Then he succeeded his father as the Governor General. When he died he left a portion of his estate to The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and they established Codrington College as a Theological College. The first graduate was ordained in 1759 and it is still in use today.

If you are lucky enough to go to school here (or visit), you can enjoy this view.

Love the door and the floor.

Looking in the other direction, towards the drive.

Another wonderful building.

I love how the coral stone gets all pitted and mossy looking.

But, look at this,

 aren’t these waterlilies a gorgeous colour.

I had to take s photo of them…..


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Walking In A Winter Wonderland

“Ice, Ice, Baby”.  Why is it every time I think of  the word ice, that annoying song by Vanilla Ice comes on in my head.

We went for a walk on the weekend. To another one of the waterfalls on the Waterfall Tour.  This consists of seven waterfalls, all within a 45 minute drive from Kilbourne Grove. 

This time it was to Indian Falls.

It is approximately a one kilometer walk from the parking lot to the waterfall, through the woods.

It was a beautiful day.

Indian Falls is a horseshoe shaped falls, like Niagara Falls, but much, much smaller.

The ice at the bottom of the falls is getting thicker and thicker. I am not sure why it is more yellow than the blue that ice normally is. Pollution? Minerals in the water?

You walk along the stream going back to your car. This is Indian Creek which flows into Owen Sound Bay.

 You can see why I am a bit jealous envious of all those bloggers having some colour (or at least seeing the ground) in their gardens.  There is still a lot of snow in Owen Sound.

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If you go down to the woods today!

We were up in Owen Sound this weekend, but no time for gardening (sorry grass!) My niece got married on Saturday, so we stopped there on way up, designed the flowers, drove to Kilbourne Grove, got ready, and drove back. Luckily it was an evening wedding.

The next day, Ian and my brother, his fiance and his daughter, went for a hike at Jones Falls in Owen Sound. It was a beautiful afternoon, although it felt like late September.

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Jones Falls

Jones Falls


So pretty!


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This is it without the zoom.



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Mother Nature has a great sense of colour!

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Ah, the great Canadian wilderness.

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The bridge to civilization,

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thanks to them,

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from the spooky woods! (OK, not that spooky, but it sounded good).

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