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Thanks for Waiting

Picture me doing a happy dance right about now. Well not exactly now, I am at the library trying to write this on my iPad, (not exactly fun), and I can’t even see the ground anymore as we are having a bit of a snowstorm. But it is April, and it will soon melt, and I will get to see my lovelies again. Yes, all my galanthus waited for me.

That was how my first post was going to start on my visit back to Canada. Soon after I realized that blogging with an iPad was just not going to happen for me.  But thanks for waiting, both you and my galanthus.

Oooh the galanthus, this has been the best year so far. Not only have my nivalis increased in number, but I even had a couple of named varieties flower for the first time.

And my specials,

Lady Beatrix Stanley


This is S. Arnott. Sorry it was out of focus. By the time I got these loaded on my iPad, and looked at them, he was out of flower. I will hopefully, have a better photo next year.




Galanthus woronowii


I can’t believe how easy it has been to post these photos on my laptop. As much as I loved the lightweight iPad the laptop is going home with me in the autumn. Thanks for your patience.


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Snow, Glorious Snow

I am probably the only person in the world thinking that.  But living in a tropical country, it is (a bit) surprising that I miss it. But really I am celebrating it for what it did.  Last year  there had been an early warm spell , and everything flowered ahead of schedule. You may remember I only saw one lonely snowdrop. So this year I am excited when I read the weather reports and see photos on people’s blogs about the snow. This year, I am hoping to see my drops.  In the meantime, I spend time lurking on the Galanthus site of the SRGC, and drooling over snowdrops on Pauline’s, Carolyn’s and Anna’s blogs.

My neighbour was nice enough to send me a photo of Kilbourne Grove when the storm happened a couple of weeks ago. 

First it was light, then wow,

that is a great cover to keep my snowdrops from flowering before I arrive.

Snow, glorious snow!

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Mother Nature

Mother Nature is a funny old thing. As a gardener, I should be used to it. But, it seems like I am not. I know that I can’t count on her. Many,many years ago,  I planted a thousand white tulips, innocently thinking they would flower in time for our wedding and I could go out and pick them that morning/week.  My mother faithfully reported to me every year, when they started flowering. For over 10 years, it was never on our anniversary. Finally they petered out, luckily our marriage hasn’t, lol.

As, I am sure you all know, (I do go on and on about it), snowdrops are my absolute favourite flower. And I base my whole trip home from Barbados, hoping to see them in flower. Last year, I arrived home to this,

and this,

Notice the snow? And the snowdrops?

 And this year, this is what I arrived to.

Mother Nature, she always has the last laugh.

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The Last

Imagine my disappointment when I arrived late Sunday night. I was up at the crack of dawn on Monday, ok even earlier than that. Do you know how difficult to figure out if there are still any snowdrops blooming by flashlight? Let me tell you, quite difficult. They are small little suckers, and if there are not a lot of them really don’t stand out by flashlight. And there were not a lot of them. In fact any of them,

but this.

She waited for me!

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Why did you not wait for me? Do you not realize that I spend all winter thinking about you? Is it me? I tell people all the time you are my favourite.

Why were you so nice to the other girls in March, but never for me when I was around? Why do you blow hot and cold? Sooo hot one day, then the big freeze.

How am I going to count all my snowdrops a la VP?

And I want to start counting my daffodils like Beangenie, I sooo want.


Please, please wait for me!

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