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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Although the song is talking about christmas, for me, it is spring.  Although anytime I get to visit my garden now becomes the most wonderful time of year.  But here was spring in my garden (a bit late), I was soooo very excited. Just a quick look at what was happening all around me.

All three of my witch hazels were still in flower,

Hamamelis ‘Arnold’s Promise’

This one I took the moment I arrived, just starting to get dark.


Magic Fire

Another problem with trying to post two months later, I can’t remember if this is Jelena or Magic Fire, I am inclined to think the latter.

Crocus Roseus, although looking a bit more lilac here.

And perhaps, if I lie to myself, a few more tommies then last year.

A friend gave me a number of helleborus seedlings three years ago. This spring a couple of them started flowering for the first time,

this was the first one to open,

and in bud another.

Scilla tubergeniana is bulking up nicely,

love the ice blue flowers.

This is the first year that I got to see Bulbocodium vernum flower,

often referred to as a spring Colchicum.

There was lots more in bloom, but I have to leave you wanting more, lol….

lyrics by Andy Williams


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Well, Hello there Tommie!

can you see them?

No, neither can I,

Oh wait, there they are!


Who would guess that 1,000 crocus tommasinianus would look so mingy.

That is if there is 1,000 left after the local squirrel mafia got finished with their snack bar. crocus tommasinianus is supposed to be squirrel resistant, that is certainly not squirrel proof. The good news, they are self seeders, so hopefully in a few years, I might see more than 20! You can read about my adventures in planting them, here and here.

 The stakes are to help you (and me) see them!

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Digging, Digging, Digging

Keep this woman digging!

I know it was my idea, although Gail had a lot to do with it. But who would guess that 1,000 crocus bulbs would take soooo long to plant.

I did think that I would get a bit more help from Ian, but (unfortunately) he found his own project to work on, and I was on my own.  (OK, not quite on my own, he did dig a couple of holes for me, maybe 80, before he bailed).

Lets see, 1,000 crocus tommasinianus bulbs divided by 80 holes = 12.5 per hole, I can handle that.

But I have 150 fritillaria meleagris bulbs to plant.  At 10 per hole, that was only another 15 holes, I can handle that.

Wait, I forgot the 50 allium christophii bulbs, I can handle that!

Hmmm, it looks a lot more close-up!

OK, due to circumstances beyond my control (Ian), I would not be back to Kilbourne Grove till Hallowe’en, so I wanted to get the bulbs in. I had already planted all the other ones, I was a woman on a mission!

The fritillaria are going in the front, on each side of the front sidewalk in the grass. (I saw that at Kensington Gardens in London and loved the way it looked).  That is only 7 holes per side, oh no, I did not order enough fritillaria!

It is going to look sparse, oh well, hopefully they will self seed, and there is always next year, lol.

Fritillaria bulbs are a nice size to pick up, drop them in the hole, put the chunk of sod back and firm down, there that didn’t take too long.

Now onto the back.

This looks a lot better. The holes are much closer together, hopefully I will get a nice show.

Ooooh, fiddly bulbs, why are they so tiny….slooow going!  Done!!!!!

The allium were a piece of cake in comparision, 10 holes in the Lime Walk, 5 per side, 5 bulbs in, and finished.

Come visit me next spring for the grand unveil, see you then!

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Bulb Madness

Every year is strikes me.

I always think that I will remain strong and resist the urge.

But, I always fail.

What am I talking about? Just the urge to keep my bulb order to reasonable standards.

This was the scene Wednesday at Kilbourne Grove.  A gorgeous sunny day, and a sprinkling of bulbs to plant.  Yes, I said a sprinkling. Don’t think that the  252 I planted was the majority of my order. No siree, the balance still has to arrive, that includes my 1,000 crocus tommasinianus, 150 fritillaria meleagris (inspired by Barry Parker), and my Veseys order. That is for 105.

2010 =1,507  bulbs. Yay, highest score ever!!!!   (of course, that could still increase, the bulbs will be going on sale at the big box stores soon, and I have been known to pick up one or two on impulse!  Want to read how many I planted in 2009, you can here.

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Crazy, For Loving You

Crocus tommasinianus

Image via Wikipedia

Yes, I am crazy, crazy that is over tommies.      

We are on a first name basis, crocus tommasinianus and I, tommies are the most gorgeous (I think) of the crocus bulbs.      

Crocus tommasinianus are (supposed) to be one of the most squirrel proof crocus, and with the squirrel mafia that hangs out at Kilbourne Grove, I need that.      

This past spring Gail, posted the most amazing picture on her blog. Millions of crocus tommasinianus in flower in a wooded area near her house.      

I fell in love.      

But I could not find any supplier of crocus tommasinanus in Canada, and my dream just slowly faded away.      

But a month ago, Gail once again posted the picture and awakened my lust all over again. She was going to buy (and plant) not 50, not 100, not 500, but 1,000 crocus tommasinianus.      

Ooooh, I wanted them too!      

So I sent out a few emails too a couple of Canadian suppliers. Could they get me them as a special order? One of them came through. I now have 1,000 crocus  on order.      

Stay tuned!      

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