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Dream Weaver

I envy anyone who has the ability to make beautiful tapestries under their trees and shrubs. I am fine when it is in the regular part of my garden, but now that some of my trees (like my Cercis) are starting to mature, I am struggling with painting a beautiful picture under them.

When I was visiting Marion Jarvies garden in May, I found some stunning combinations that I am hoping to copy.

From a distance,


and up close and personal.

You can see that it is not the rarest or newest plants, just a lovely mix of hostas, ferns, grasses etc. But it is the combination of colours and textures that makes it so special.

 Some of the plants I have already, so there will be a bit of plant moving this autumn, can’t wait.


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Between Two Ferns

I can’t decide between these two ferns, which one I love the best. Luckily, it is not two men, my husband would really hate that. 

  OK. I lied.  I thought that it was a good title.  I am in love with more then two of them.  I can spread myself thin and share the love.

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Free Plants Are Great, Part 3

I thought that you might like to see what we have planted on our terrace in Toronto this year.  The terrace is the best part of our condo in Toronto, it really extends our space all summer.  It is 30″ long by 10′ deep.  The stairs are in the middle of the terrace dividing it into two spaces. We have a sitting area on one side and a dining area on the other.

We had a number of ferns in the store in the early spring, maidenhair and kimberlys.  Also there were some caladiums. These became unsaleable, and I brought them home to plant in our urns. 

 gardenjuly09 135This is what they looked like when I brought them home. 



The terrace is very shady as there is condo building on both sides and I knew that ferns would do well.  Also, like a number of other designers, after working with colour all day, you appreciate a calm and serene environment.

 torontoterrace 004

                            This is when they were first planted in late May.

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