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Likin’ the Lichen*

I realize that this is not lichen, but some kind of bracket, fungus, but I am likin’ it.

When I returned to Kilbourne Grove from Barbados this spring, one of the tree stumps in the Flora Glade had become covered with brackets. I happen to think that they are very beautiful, lucky it is not my wine glass rest. We purposely had the other tree cut level(ish) when the tree blew down in a storm, just for that purpose.

See the big slice of tree trunk next to it, another casualty from a storm, but the perfect seat from which I can survey all the weeds.

 And that tree next to it, the next to go. There will certainly be no shortage of firewood whenever I want it.

(*This is a phrase we always used to use when I worked at East of Eliza, it described anything ‘woodsy’.)


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If you go down to the woods today!

We were up in Owen Sound this weekend, but no time for gardening (sorry grass!) My niece got married on Saturday, so we stopped there on way up, designed the flowers, drove to Kilbourne Grove, got ready, and drove back. Luckily it was an evening wedding.

The next day, Ian and my brother, his fiance and his daughter, went for a hike at Jones Falls in Owen Sound. It was a beautiful afternoon, although it felt like late September.

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Jones Falls

Jones Falls


So pretty!


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This is it without the zoom.



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Mother Nature has a great sense of colour!

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Ah, the great Canadian wilderness.

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The bridge to civilization,

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thanks to them,

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from the spooky woods! (OK, not that spooky, but it sounded good).

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