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“Baby, lets cruise away from here”

That is what Ian said to me after he found out that the Carnival Victory not only stops in Bridgetown, but reserves cabins for us locals, who want to embark and disembark in Barbados.


Not our ship, this was taken in Nassau


So we are on a 7 day cruise, visiting some neighbourhood islands, and I will be sure and give you the full report when we return.

Lyrics by Smokey Robinson


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My New Digs

I always enjoy looking for a new place to live, I love checking out different ‘lifestyles’, could it be because I am nosy?  Nah….

The bank hired a relocation firm to help us, and Susan was brilliant!!!!  She was always cheerful and upbeat and pointed out potential problems that we might never had thought off.

One fun time was a trip to the grocery store.  As most of the food on Barbados is flown in, it can be very expensive. After a pricey breakfast at the hotel we were staying in, we decided to buy a box of Kellogg Raisin Bran and have breakfast in our room. It was $10 US. Holy moley, our habits well have to change a bit.  Susan introduced us to Caribbean brands like Sunshine cereals, and explained what some of the more unusual produce in the vegetable aisle was called and how to cook it, so informative.

So, back to our new home.  It is on the west coast of Barbados, just north of Speightstown. Ian is working in Bridgetown, which is quite a drive, and will be even more, as it is on the opposite side of the road to what we are used too.  I foresee many, many very early driving trips, the roundabouts will be an experience in themselves.

The complex is located on the beach with a lagoon in the middle, for all the owners boats. (Ian has already been scoping out the sailboats).

There is a wooden boardwalk to the pool, which is on an island in the lagoon, with a small restaurant and bar (I have been scoping out that, lol). 

We are on the third floor (top floor) and have a three bed, three bath, apartment. It comes furnished, like our flat in London did, not quite our taste, but very livable.

The living room.

Our bedroom

Our huge bed!

Your room


Or perhaps you prefer this room, that is no problem, your choice

The best part is the terrace. The only table is on it, so that tells me the weather is always nice enough to eat outside, something I am looking forward to.

When you read my future blog posts, you can picture me sitting here, writing them

 Or maybe I will sit here

Unfortunately, I don’t have my own garden, although I can have plants on my terrace. There are a team of gardeners who take care of the place, so I shall have to make friends with them. Perhaps when they are pruning, they will think of me.

There is also a yacht club, on a point of land, that extends out from the complex like a comma.

You can see the entrance to the lagoon in the centre of the complex

You have to be a member to go there, and luckily the owners are, so we will get to use it as well. 

There is another pool, restaurant and even a pool table, Ian and I will be able to keep up our skills.

Ian and our real estate agents discussing the finer points of pool.

 You can see the beach from here

We move in December 1st, so we will be spending Christmas on the beach, looking forward to it

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A Fancy for Barbados

Hey, did you miss me?

I am just back from a week in Barbados. I know, rought life eh, lol. We had to fly down and find a new abode. Only five days to find something we BOTH could be happy in. Yikes, that is not much time.

Although we spent almost every day looking at properities, we were able to get in a tiny bit of sightseeing as well. Mostly around our hotel.

The view from our room

 We are both early risers, and were able to go for a walk before being picked up by the relocation firm.

Our hotel was beautiful, we were in the pool before breakfast and after

dinner every day.

One of the pools.

This was the pool that we spent the most time in, love the infinity edge.

We also went to the beach, mostly in the morning. Ian made me go the ‘road less travelled’.

But, the end result was worth it.

On our walks, we saw amazing architecture,

lots of great plants,

like my favourite, skyflower,

and this very cool palm,

and lots and lots of blue, three different shades to be exact.

A fort,

and some amazing sunsets!

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So Long, Farewell,

An enlargeable relief map of Barbados

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Auf Wiedersehen, audieu,

audieu, audieu,

to you, and you, and you!

This has been the hardest post I have ever had to write.  My emotions are surging all over the place now, I am not sure if I am happy or sad.

Ian has been transferred to Barbados.  That means I am going with him….

We are keeping Kilbourne Grove,  I have to, it is my ‘forever’ house and we have worked so hard on it.  I am hoping to fly back and spend some time in the spring and fall there, and we will have to find someone to look after it for us while we are out of the country.

I plan on reading and commenting on all your blogs still, and hopefully will write some posts about our new life on a small island.


Lyrics and music by Rodgers and Hammerstein

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