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Shut the Door, Already Four?

Wow, four years already. How fast the time has gone, although I have certainly not accomplished what I want at Kilbourne Grove, I have made a good start.

Thank you for following my adventures over the last four years and always being supportive (even when I have not been able to post photos, lol).

I am returning to Barbados in the next couple of weeks and I shall up date (bore) you soon.


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Tee Hee, I’m Three!

What, another year gone! Where does the time go?

My Dads ponies, three, soon to be four.

Starting this blog was such a great thing for me. Not only is it a garden journal, (now that I am in Barbados, a life journal as well), but it has given me the privilege of getting to meet all of you. Blogging has become the pen pals of today, and I am blessed with so many wonderful ones, not only far away ones, but getting to meet closer ones as well. Thank you for three wonderful years, and here is to four.

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Woo Hoo, I’m Two!

Last year, when I turned one, I never thought I would be continuing for another year, I thought that I might lost interest in blogging.

I have seen a lot of bloggers come and go over my two years, and I wondered if I might be among them. When I moved to Barbados, I wondered if I should stop as well, after all this blog was to be my record of Kilbourne Grove. But, I persevered, (after getting a lot of comments, asking me not to stop). So I continue, hope you are still enjoying it.

Thank you, thank you for encouraging me, for picking me up when I am down, for your helpful suggestions, and great ideas, you mean the world to me.

If you are interested in reading it, this is my very first post.

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A Year Of Love

My mother always said, when you get older, the years fly by. Once again, she was right (would that woman, never be wrong), and how the last year has flown by.

 This picture has nothing to do with this post, I just liked it!

One year ago today, I (with much trepidation) typed my first blog entry, and with trembling fingers, hit Publish.  WordPress automatically sets up your first post and titles it “It Is A New World” and I didn’t change it, it was a whole new world opening to me.

I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, (still don’t), but a very good friend of mine had just started her own blog with WordPress, all about the joys of Bringing Home Puppy, and she was enjoying it. So, I thought I would start my own garden blog on WordPress instead of Blogger, and if I had any problems, there was always a sympathetic ear to go to.

I originally started writing this as both a garden journal/record,  and as a way to keep distant family and friends , informed, on the changes to my “forever” house. With Ian and I moving so much for his job, everyone is  very spread out and not always able to travel the distance to see the progress.

Imagine my surprise, when some one I didn’t know, made a comment on my blog. It was shortly after I had visited Kingston, Ontario (where I used to live) and published a post on Trugs Flowers and Gifts, a lovely flower/gift shop in downtown Kingston. Joy (bless her heart) read my post, (how she found it I will never know) and made a very lovely comment. Next thing I knew, Linda from the Crafty Gardener, commented how she had followed Joy to my blog and also left another very nice comment.

It was all downhill from there (or uphill, depending on your view). More and more comments and visits ensued, and I quickly became hooked on the social interaction.  Then, my big moment arrived, Teza, left me a very lovely message on my About page asking if he could e-mail me. A very warm e-mail correspondence went back and forth, and after a while, the subject of Blotanical came up. I had numerous question, as to what it was!  Lured in by the promise of so many garden bloggers in one spot, I joined September 30, 2009.  By the end of October 2009, my visits, had increased  40%. I discovered so many new and exciting garden blogs to read, and found a very warm group of people, who always encouraged and supported.  Thank you. thank you, for making this garden blogger feel so welcome.

In honour of my first anniversary blogging, I would like to have a draw for a book. Most people know that Beverley Nichols is near and dear to my heart. He was one of the first garden writers that I read, I think I might even have been in high school. When I was in Sissinghurst village book store, I discovered a whole stack of his books and I would like to give one away. If you would like to own “Down the Garden Path” (please remember it is a second-hand book, and has the lovely patina of one), just leave a comment on this post, before June 9th.

Ian (who got a lovely black straw fedora just for this draw, lol) will pick a name out of his hat and I will be pleased to send you this Beverley Nichols masterpiece.

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