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Tee Hee, I’m Three!

What, another year gone! Where does the time go?

My Dads ponies, three, soon to be four.

Starting this blog was such a great thing for me. Not only is it a garden journal, (now that I am in Barbados, a life journal as well), but it has given me the privilege of getting to meet all of you. Blogging has become the pen pals of today, and I am blessed with so many wonderful ones, not only far away ones, but getting to meet closer ones as well. Thank you for three wonderful years, and here is to four.


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Top 11 of ’11

In case you were curious, I certainly was. These were the 11 posts written in 2011, that had the most page views. I was surprised that so many of them have to do with Barbados, not quite sure why I was surprised, I guess because I feel like my blog is about my garden, although now it feels more like about my life. And my life is now in Barbados, it least for the next two years. And I only like to write about personal things, not take a picture from the internet, and write a brief paragraph about it like some bloggers do. My blog has become a journal, a snapshot of what is happening in my life at this time, and that certainly includes Barbados.

1.  The Magnificent Seven

I was surprised this one was the number one post of 2011. I wrote 2 posts on my trip to Trinidad, but the post about the seven amazing houses was the most popular. It was certainly one of the most interesting things for me, I am sure you all know I love old houses, look at Kilbourne Grove.

2. Gardening in a Cold Climate

My visit to the amazing garden of Brian Bixley was sparked by reading a review of his book by Kathy Purdy on her website. Luckily I was in Canada for his first open garden of the year (you all know I love bulbs), and took a million photographs. Kathy was kind enough to post a link from her blog to mine, and she became my second largest referral site in 2011. Thanks Kathy.

3. Pride of Barbados

After gardening (and floral design) for soooo many years, it is disconcerting to live in a country where I only recognize 10% of the vegetation. It is fascinating for me (and I hope you) to discover new plants.

4. Gotta Have It: Bougainvillea

I have long loved bougs, and was super excited to find them in full flower when we moved here last December. The flowering seemed to go on and on and on. Luckily, I was given one for our terrace here, and have found it a super easy plant to grow, just wish they were hardy in Canada.

5. It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to


What I left behind!


This post was a bit of a moan for me, sorry about that. At the time I was feeling a bit unhappy, leaving my friends, family, job, home and garden, to live in Barbados. When we moved to London, I was beyond excited, but that was LONDON, I could work, travel to Europe, and I am a bit of a city girl at heart. However, after spending most of the spring and fall in Canada, when I wanted to be there, and spending the winter in Barbados (who wouldn’t), I have adjusted.

6. St. Nicholas Abbey

Back to point number one, I love old houses. And Barbados has 2 of the 3 Jacobean houses in the Western hemisphere. St. Nicholas Abbey was sooo gorgeous.

7. Drax Hall

Funny that the second Jacobean house in Barbados was the next most popular post. This one is not open to the public, so we were only able to see the grounds.

8. Ah, Life!

For some reason, some of you wanted to know a little bit more about me, so I gave you a lot more, more than you asked for, sorry about that, I do like to ramble. Here is the story of my thoughts about moving to Barbados.

9. Pots, Pots, Pots!

Frank Kershaw was my garden design teacher at George Brown College and he opened his garden to the public. There was so much to see, I had to break it down into a couple of posts, but his pots were the most popular.

10. Porters Great House

Barbados has its own National Trust, and during the ‘season’ a number of homes opened to raise money for it. This was the only home I visited in 2011, but hope to visit more this year. I was surprised more people did not read Part 2, where I talk about the garden, that is where my true love lies.

11. I’m going home

Not sure why this one was so popular, unless you were happy to see me head back to my ‘forever’ home.  I certainly was.

There you have it, my most popular posts in 2011, what will 2012 hold…

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Woo Hoo, I’m Two!

Last year, when I turned one, I never thought I would be continuing for another year, I thought that I might lost interest in blogging.

I have seen a lot of bloggers come and go over my two years, and I wondered if I might be among them. When I moved to Barbados, I wondered if I should stop as well, after all this blog was to be my record of Kilbourne Grove. But, I persevered, (after getting a lot of comments, asking me not to stop). So I continue, hope you are still enjoying it.

Thank you, thank you for encouraging me, for picking me up when I am down, for your helpful suggestions, and great ideas, you mean the world to me.

If you are interested in reading it, this is my very first post.

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It’s my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to!

For some reason, this move has been the hardest on me, of them all. I am not quite sure why that is, is it because I am older, and have become more set in my ways?  While we were in Canada, preparing to leave, so many people told us they could never move like we have. I thought they were crazy, moving, (especially to a different country) is an adventure, you get to see and do so many different things. And every move before this I have thoroughly enjoyed. Why not this one? While I am still (somewhat) enjoying it, I am also wishing my life away. I wish that I was home for christmas, I wish that I was home for March, always wishing.

What I left behind!

  I miss my old  life, I really enjoyed it. I loved my job, I loved travelling to Kilbourne Grove on the weekends, I loved having my friends and family close by, I just loved everything about it.

Maybe I am just (a wee bit) lonely. Although we have had lots of company, I still feel a bit adrift. Thank Goodness for the internet, and all of you. You have become friends, even though I have never met (most of) you. I tell people, who do not understand, we are the pen pals of the 2000’s. We share not only our garden accomplishments and disappointments, but our life ones as well. And we are richer for it.

With the Internet, I can e-mail, my family and friends and get an instant response, I can visit Facebook and see their latest pictures, I can Tweet back and forth, bantering is not only allowed, it is encouraged. It makes it bearable.

When we were preparing to travel to Barbados, we went on a course, dealing with cultural differences. The instructor told us most people have a 3 month ‘honeymoon’ period, then reality sets in, and a lot of them become depressed. I never thought that it would happen to me, and I wouldn’t even go so far to say I was depressed. But I do miss my old life, is that natural?

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The wonderful world of Margaret Roach

Cover of "A Way to Garden: A Hands-On Pri...

Cover via Amazon

I want her life.     

OK, I will keep Ian.    

OK, I love Kilbourne Grove and do not want to give it up.    

But I want the rest of her life!    

Margaret Roach left the corporate world far behind  and changed her life, for the better.    

She started a blog called A Way To Garden, but when you read the site url it says awaytogarden and that is what her garden was at first.  Like me, she was a weekend gardener, leaving her place in the city and spending all weekend, slogging it out in the garden.  When I look at her place, I am inspired, eventually it will come, the trees and hedges will grow, I just have to give them time. Time, time, the one thing that I cannot rush along, it moves how it wants to.    


She also wrote this book. I enjoyed it so much when termites ate it (in my storage unit, long story, don’t ask), I tried to buy it again.  I had to order it from a second-hand book store, but it  was sooo worth it, just love the book. If you love the website, you will love the book. And if you love the book, you will love her blog.    

She is always inspiring!    

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