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Off Again

Yay, at least for me anyway.

I think Ian is a bit disappointed.  Back in the fall!

This was taken at a J24 regatta in Barbados, I think it looks a bit like a painting.


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Shut the Door, Already Four?

Wow, four years already. How fast the time has gone, although I have certainly not accomplished what I want at Kilbourne Grove, I have made a good start.

Thank you for following my adventures over the last four years and always being supportive (even when I have not been able to post photos, lol).

I am returning to Barbados in the next couple of weeks and I shall up date (bore) you soon.

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Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

I shot myself in the foot. What does that expression mean anyway, and where does it come from?

I was so proud of myself. I have a new iPad and I brought it back with me to Canada. Soooo much lighter then my laptop, no laptop bag so I have an extra carry on, super  important.

However, I should have tested it first. I use my photos from Picasa to post on my blog, and you have to right click. You can’t on an iPad, so no photos and no posts.

Till I return anyway…

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On My Way

By the time you read this I will be on my way back to Canada, once again leaving Ian behind for 6 weeks.

Fun for me, getting to enjoy my friends, family and yay, my garden. Not fun for Ian who still has to work, oh well, someone has to do it…

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Happy Easter

For some reason kite flying is the thing to do on Easter weekend in Barbados,

hope your Easter is wonderful.

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