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Many Moods-Sunsets

My poor computer, it is just groaning under the weight of all the photos I have loaded on to it since we moved to Barbados, (I guess it is not really groaning under the weight, but stuffed full, just like after Thanksgiving dinner). When I go back through all the files, I see a lot of the same photos over and over again, but I still think they are all so beautiful, here is a selection of sunsets…


BarbadosJan11 299

BarbadosDec10 129

Barbados 108

BarbadosDec10 042

I don’t think I could ever decide on a favourite, what about you?


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A Passion for Peonies

When I was at Lilactree Farm a few weeks ago, I promised to show you some of Brian Bixleys species peonies when I returned for the ORGS picnic. It was a beautiful day, hot and sunny, great for a picnic, but the poor peonies were a little weary with all the heat. I am not sure of all the varieties, so I shall just show you the photos.

But, by the end of the day,

fading, but still beautiful, (just like me, lol). 


Makes you want to grow a few, doesn’t it.

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