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Wordy Wednesday!

Is it just me?

I thought that I would try a few Wordless Wednesday posts as I has some pictures I wanted to share, but they were not exciting enough to write a whole post about.

So I have published four Wordless Wednesday posts now.

They are my lowest read posts!!!!!

Why is that? Do you like to hear (read) me ramble on and on, or are my pictures just not as interesting as I thought they were? Do other bloggers also have low readership for these or is it just me?

The most beautiful (flowering) plant in my garden right now is Eremurus or Foxtail Lily.

I love these, here it is just budding out,

love the way the sun catches it.

Then with the flowers half-open,

They are also a great cut flower, and very long lasting.

If you would like a few more words, you can also read what I wrote about it last year.


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