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When we purchased Kilbourne Grove in May 2006, it was perfect. Well, not quite perfect, I wanted to change 3/4 of an acre to a formalish garden, and the house needed some renovations inside, but other than that it was perfect. Except for the Deliverance house behinds us. It was an eyesore. What had once been a lovely two century home, had been turned into apartments, and had some very unsightly structures tacked onto the back.

 See what I mean? So I immediately planted a cedar hedge, hoping that by the time we move in on a permanent basis, it will be somewhat screened from view.

Then came Easter Monday, 2010. Ian and I did our usual leaving at 4:00 in the morning, driving back into Toronto so we could get to work for the day. By 8 a.m., the fire engines began to arrive. Luckily not at our house, but the Deliverance house behind us was not so lucky.

 It burned to the ground.

The next 2 summers were very peaceful. And of course my fantasies started. Wouldn’t it be nice if they wanted to sell it? That would double the size of my garden. I started dreaming about all the lovely features that I could add.

But when I arrived Sunday night, this is what greeted me.

I was surprised they could get it up so fast over the winter, although I should say the winter that never was.

So the dreams are dead, and I must get outside and manure my cedar hedge and encourage it to grow.


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  1. 1

    Diane Retieffe said,

    Well….it certainly looks better than before! LOL

  2. 3

    Oh no, Deborah!!! But I do think it’s an improvement over the old building. BTW – the allee looks amazing.

  3. 5

    Adriana said,

    Hi Deb! I’ve been meaning to message you for some time. I really do love your blog and the newest photo of your garden … Getting quite structured and beautiful! Are you going to robins wedding?
    Ps I’ve gone off Facebook so you can use my hotmail to converse.
    Pps I love San Juan.

  4. 7

    paulinemulligan said,

    An improvement on what was there originally, but even so, no-one wants all those windows overlooking the garden. I agree, lots of manure for your hedge and maybe a few quick growing sacrificial shrubs in front of your hedge that can be removed when the hedge has grown to its full height, hope you soon block them out!

  5. 9

    ddonabella said,

    That is too bad. Perhaps the structure will remain looking nice but yes get that hedge growing

  6. 11

    That is too bad. Perhaps the structure will remain looking nice but yes get that hedge growing

  7. 13

    Bridget said,

    Some things are just not meant to be…at least it’s not an eyesore like the previous Deliverance house. I love that phrase to describe the house…

  8. 15

    At least the new building is quite discrete in its architecture (if not in its size).

    It’s a shame about the dashed dreams, but once the trees start leafing out I’m sure it will be less obtrusive.

  9. 17

    Welcome home, Deborah! That deliverance house was so jumbled and hodgepodge looking. A vacant lot that you might have been able to buy and transform into a garden would certainly have been nice. At least the new house that was built is much less of an eyesore. Cedars are pretty quick to grow and the manure is bound to help!
    P.S.The allee is looking great!

  10. 19

    Elephant's Eye said,

    Had nobody warned you? Was it just IN Your Face?? Are there people living there yet? If so, they must love the view of your garden (until the hedge is up)

    • 20

      No, no warning, it was quite a shock. No people yet, they are still working on it. I hope they love it, the neighbours always kid me about my ‘park’. Should have named it Kilbourne Park, lol.

  11. 21

    Barbara H. said,

    What a thud your heart must have made – I’m surprised I didn’t feel it or hear it way down here in Alabama. But it’s dark brown, all one color, and I’m assuming it’s apartments, so hopefully the tenants will not be focused on the back. I think Pauline’s idea of sacrificial shrubs in front of the hedge is an excellent idea. And it gives a new silver lining to the time in Barbados – less time fretting while more time for the hedge to grow. I don’t see too many weeds – are you worn to a frazzle?

    • 22

      I am surprised as well Barbara, it was horrible, (and they lost my luggage as well). The colour is just from the tar paper before they put on the outside layer, I wish it would stay dark, much less noticeable that way. It is apartments, so I am hoping the back yard will not be used that much, and they are quiet. The weeds are there, I took that photo on the very first morning, before I started weeding, glad you can’t see them.

  12. 23

    lynne said,

    A shame about the view over the back, but at least it is a more pleasant view than the previous structure and your hedge WILL hide it in time. I agree with what someone else suggested that some fast growing temporary shrubs in the meantime will give some respite.

    Your garden has held up very well during your absence. It looks great and you can really see it coming into its own 🙂

  13. 25

    Jean said,

    Deborah, Welcome home! Okay, the new apartment building was not the best welcome — but what are all those gorgeous blue flowers blooming along your walkway? Squill, maybe? Hope you’re having a fabulous time — and give that cedar hedge some words of encouragement!

  14. 27

    jessiegoes said,

    Sigh, I’m with you. Dammit. (but it does look better…for now).

  15. 29

    Laurrie said,

    Oh no. It’s not falling down and dilapidated any more, but it’s not attractive. Grow, hedges, grow!

  16. 31

    Alberto said,

    Oh! That’s really a bad surprise, isn’t it? At least the house look much better than before though, doesn’t it?
    You could always buy some matches again by the way… and maybe some gasoline too… and maybe drop a few over your hedge… OPS!

  17. 33

    That was quick, and quite shocking, I’m sure. At least it isn’t hideous, although doesn’t have the beauty of KG.

  18. 35

    Marguerite said,

    oh dear, that is one big dark looking building. on the up side your garden is looking amazing. What a difference from the first photo to today. Things are really starting to fill in.

  19. 37

    Shyrlene said,

    So, from the “Deliverance House” (best name for it – ever) to ‘Institutional Architecture’ (that architect should be shot for lack of ingenuity). One can only hope they chose a dark color siding, so it blends into it’s surroundings?

    Love the bird’s eye view of your gardens. It’s a gift to be able to envision beauty from a ‘sky view’, and work into the details. Absolutely lovely.

  20. 39

    mossandivy said,

    I’ve got to say, not too bad, and if you planted Leyland Cyprus, trust me, it will be covered up and then some before you know it. I did that to block my neighbor’s Shanty Town, and now I’m dreaming of ways to top them so we can get some more sunlight!

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