Porters Great House, Part 2

This was my favourite part, I bet you are not surprised.

Standing in the middle of the back lawn,

looking towards the house,

and in the opposite direction.  Think I could put this on the hill behind KG, perhaps it would hide whatever will be built where the Deliverance house was.

And look at those urns,

see how big they are.

I need to slip one (or two)  in my suitcase, lol. The folly was added in the 1950’s and is floodlit by night, it must look amazing.

Loved the grounds at the back of the house, two gazebos,

this one with the chapel behind, and this one,

 used for dining by the pool.

What a great pool,

well hidden, but not distant from the house,

with a lovely little formal garden beside it.

 I only recognize the bouganvilleas in here, not sure what else they have planted.

Once again I came home full of ideas for Kilbourne Grove, Ian is scared, I mean, really scared, lol.


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  1. 1

    Barbara H. said,

    Ah yes, the world of imagined dreams, often somewhat reduce by reality and then enhanced by “How can I do this?” Poor Ian.

  2. 3

    Laurrie said,

    It’s great that you are gathering so many ideas for your garden from so many exotic and interesting places!

  3. 5

    Marguerite said,

    How fantastic you are able to tour these amazing homes and gardens. The inspiration they must provide. Little wonder you’ve been plotting and planning changes to Kilbourne Grove.

  4. 7

    sandra said,

    Deb it is gorgeous

    Love Aunt Sandra

  5. 9

    It’s so much fun seeing some of the gardens near where you are living now. After looking at those steps, I’ll never complain about our slopes again! As for the urns, I hope your suitcase has a strong handle! 😉

  6. 11

    I think Ian should be scared. Any idea generated by this visit would be expensive!

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