I’ve started, I am on my way!

I have my first named snowdrop in my hot little hands. And she is a beauty.

A glorious double with a faint green stripe on her outer petals. And a lovely heart shaped beauty mark.

Apparently she is one of the Greatorex doubles,

Can you see the green stripes on the outer petals, oh, she is gorgeous.


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  1. 1

    gardeningasylum said,

    So happy for you – such amazing detail on a tiny beauty. May she live long and prosper!

  2. 3

    Joy said,

    Congratulations Deborah ! It certainly looks like a beauty and more to come as it grows up and out .. now I have this in mind , so muat make notes for Autumn planting !! .. this catches on like wildfire girl 😉

  3. 5

    Barry said,

    Well done Deborah, you have to be congratulated on this excellent horticultural detective work.

  4. 7

    fairegarden said,

    Oh, she is superb, Deborah. The details make her quite special. We can hear your pride! 🙂

  5. 9

    Hi D,

    You must display her ala our beloved Nichols by having her sit on a mirror so you can see inside her drooping bonnet. 🙂

    Take care, she is a beauty


  6. 11

    Bluebell Garden Services said,

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. 13

    She is beautiful – so fresh looking with the green striping. You’ll be surrounded with snow drops in a few years.

    Urban Dirt Girl – love your idea of sitting her on a mirror – almost like looking up her skirt.

  8. 15

    Edith Hope said,

    Dear D, I am thrilled for you because I know how much the Galanthus family appeals to you. I do hope that the fate of Desdemona does not befall your snowdrop [lol]. Whatever, I know that she could not be in better hands.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. 17

    Loyal readers of your blog understand how deeply Snpwdrops touch your heart and we share your joy.

  10. 19

    What beautiful pictures of your first snowdrop. I’m glad you finally got one.


  11. 21

    It is so exciting to be there at the beginning of a dream. Just think a few years from now when all the garden bloggers are talking about your snowdrop garden, and how many varieties you have….

    We will say, yes, we knew her when.

    What a absolute beauty.


  12. 23

    How stunning!! The green heart is absolutely breathtaking!

  13. 25

    Grace said,

    She is a beauty, Deborah! Congratulations and hello, SPRING.

  14. 27

    Anna said,

    Oh what good news Deborah but which one is she ? 🙂 Great photo – they can be difficult to capture.

    • 28

      Anna, I got her from a friend, who got her from a friend, who got her from Hitch Lyman, one of the only growers in North America. She is suposed to be Desdemona, one of the Greatorex doubles. (I hoipe she is, I went on Judy’s snowdrops site and she sounds right).

  15. 29

    A beauty indeed. The heart shape is such a strong green.

  16. 31

    teza said,

    This is a joyous occasion for sure! Just think, a Galanthophile in the making!

  17. 33

    These are beautiful little flowers. I love the little green hearts on the petals. I guess you could say this flower wears her heart on her sleeve!

  18. 35

    What a perfectly sweet little snowdrop! I love the green heart beauty mark… 🙂

  19. 37

    Rosie said,

    It has the most beautiful markings indeed. 🙂 Rosie

  20. 39

    I am happy you have her and I hope she stays for awhile. She is very pretty!

  21. 41

    She is so delightful that she could have been sculpted.

  22. 43

    Melissa said,

    What a beautiful set of photos – fitting for such a gorgeous snowdrop that I know is close to your heart.

  23. 45

    dirtygirlgarden said,

    What a sweet little bulb!

  24. 47

    Racquel said,

    I love these little beauties, I must of missed the blooms this spring. Our winter was long & hard, probably got buried under snow or something. 😉

  25. 49

    Racquel said,

    Oh I almost forgot to tell you thanks for stopping by & the warm welcome back!

  26. 51

    Meredith said,

    She’s so lovely, Deborah. You know, I felt my first attraction to the snowdrop early this spring, and I’m just learning about these darling plants. I don’t think you could have chosen better to start your collection than one with a “heart-shaped beauty mark.” 🙂

  27. 53

    kimberly said,

    Your first snowdrop is quite a pleaser! The green at the tips is spectacular.

  28. 55

    Wendy said,

    nice! I went for a run today and thought of you. There’s a house in my neighborhood with a gazillion snowdrops and I was thinking that they really are better freshly divided rather than bareroot. I keep thinking how easy it would be to just sneak a few houses down with a trowel – just after dark…no one would ever know.

  29. 57

    Alice Joyce said,

    And she is a stunner!
    Interestingly … (at least to ‘moi! ) I always think of a strapping Ligularia I grew in Chicago, another ‘Desdemona’ who was quite the opposite of this delicate beauty!

  30. 59

    Kathleen said,

    Yay! So glad you found some! Your quest ended successfully. 🙂

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