But What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear

No, not a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. That is so last year.

Finally, we have got them. After reading about snowdrops for 2 months on peoples blogs, I finally spotted some. No they are not mine, I am sure that Kilbourne Grove still has 2 feet of snow, although it has been a warm week.


These were spotted in a park in downtown Toronto. They are just starting to come out, I was at the park two weeks ago and they were still hidden. This is a gorgeous little hidden away spot, that my landscape design teacher took me to see a few years ago. I will be posting on it later in the week.


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  1. 1

    Edith Hope said,

    Dear D, I feel so sorry for you over the whole snowdrop saga. Here, as you will know only too well, we are overrun with them and you, poor D, are struggling to find a handful for Kilbourne Grove. And I do not think it helps at all to be shown them in their thousands in other people’s gardens. Take heart, by the end of this month everyone will have moved on to daffodils!!

    The prettiest display of snowdrops I know are those planted, or naturalised, in churchyards. I love those pictured by Barry Parker around the headstone of a pet.

  2. 3

    gardeningasylum said,

    How precious they are – mine seem to have disappeared altogether this year and I’m wondering if there’s a lack of some key ingredient around here. Good luck in your continued quest!

  3. 5

    JP said,

    I just saw my first snowdrops of the season as well – 1000 miles from home. It was nice nonetheless, after reading so much joy from everyone else over them!

  4. 7

    Happy happy Joy Joy… I totally love snowdrops, but I’m still a ways from seeing them, unless the mild sunny days continue for a week or two. (looks pleadingly at the sky, which is giving us a third day featuring blue hues and a funny glowing yellowish orb). Snowdrops aren’t the showiest game in town, but they sure are gorgeous and happy-making.

    • 8

      Jodi, I have been looking pleadingly as well, between the two of us, we will bring spring on. I think it is because they aren’t showy, that they are not very popular. My father once said, when I was showing a frittilaria uva vulpis, “It’s not very colourful, is it!”

  5. 9

    Anna said,

    Yaaaaaaaay ! I hope that you have some to enjoy in your own garden soon Deborah 🙂

  6. 11

    Deborah, I confess to being somewhat astonished that you find these in Toronto! I best go out and look beneath my Rock Maples! Yours must be in a southern exposure. I do hope this means an early spring for us here in the northern hemisphere. Sweet little bells! I look forward to your next post on the secret “hidden away spot!” ;>)

    • 12

      Carol, there is something about being in a city, especially downtown with lots of office towers. The heat they generate causes the area to be warmer than the rest of the city. And Toronto is on a lake, also moderating the climate.

  7. 13

    Joy said,

    Hey .. did Jodi mention MY name ?? haha
    Those are simply beautiful Deborah ! .. a secret garden for you to admire while stuck in the city .. now that is a wonderful treat : )

  8. 15

    I’m glad you finally actually saw some snowdrops. They are very sweet. When are your snow days over? It has to be just around the corner in downtown Toronto. :))

  9. 17

    Barry said,

    Hi Deborah,

    Interesting to note how many correspondents assume that Toronto is slumbering under an iceberg. Many seem amazed that we can grow snowdrops at all (often these are from zone 4). Perhaps we should put zone 6b in our profile.

    This spring we should see if we can find variations in the markings and form of our Snowdrops and start a home grown Galanthophile movement.

    • 18

      What a great idea Barry, it would be interesting to see how many varities we have. I am hoping some other Toronto bloggers would join in, maybe even comment on where they have seen snowdrops in flower. We could keep a running post of addresses.

  10. 19

    Heather said,

    Hi Deborah

    What a great way to enjoy this amazing weekend. It’s as if spring has arrived overnight here in the GTA. My tulips are up about 1″ and the crocuses are literally jumping out of the ground.

    Thanks for sharing the snowdrops…..they are beautiful. I must take a drive by my favorite house here in Oshawa which is usually covered in blue scilla inn March.

    • 20

      Heather, wasn’t it fabulous, I am so hoping that it doesn’t go back down below zero, I need spring to arrive. I am hoping when I get up to Kilbourne Grove, most of the snow will have melted. Post a picture of the scilla house when you see it, there was one in Kingston that was absolutely gorgeous!

  11. 21

    I see now why they are called snowdrops! They are such sweet flowers and brave the cold so boldly! I hope you find a source for the snowdrop field of your dreams.

  12. 23

    Kathleen said,

    Yay for the snowdrops! I am new to growing them but won’t ever be without them from now on ~ that’s for sure. Anything that blooms this early has my heart. I’ve never seen them potted up (and for sale) ~ I wish we could buy them that way ~ I’d do it in a heartbeat too!
    Can’t wait to see your secret retreat. It sounds very intriguing.

    • 24

      Kathleen, we need to start up a North American Galanthus Society. I am amazed at the number of gardeners who do not know about them. It would be lovely to encourage people to grow them in their gardens, and to be able to buy them in flower, Heaven!

  13. 25

    Beautiful!! They are so very lovely coming up through the snow. What a wonderful find & a special place. 🙂

  14. 27

    kimberly said,

    They’re beautiful! So glad they finally showed themselves!

  15. 29

    What a wonderful surprise. Hopefully, you will soon see them in your garden :^)

  16. 31

    Such courageous little dears…what choice have we but to love them!

  17. 33

    Deborah, I haven’t actually seen these in real life yet. (I know! I am in for a treat when I do.) They look so sweet coming up through the snow. No wonder you are smitten 🙂

  18. 35

    miss m said,

    A true harbinger of Spring ! Lovely !

  19. 37

    commonweeder said,

    How is it that you in Canada have bare ground and snow drops while I, in Massachusetts, have more than a foot of snow covering everything. Just goes to show that hardiness zones only reveal so much about garden conditions.

    • 38

      It is amazing how much heat the downtown of a city gives off, and the weather is also tempered by the lake. My garden up north is a whole zone colder, I am sure there is still quite a bit of snow there.

  20. 39

    Rosie leaves 'n blooms said,

    Deborah go back in a weeks time and turn them up so that you can see what they are like underneath – some of them have such exquisite markings and designs.

  21. 41

    Grace said,

    Yay Deborah. I’m so glad you’re seeing signs of spring. Even if they’re showing up in places other than your home turf, they’re still letting you know that spring is coming. Aren’t we all ready for it!

  22. 43

    Melissa said,

    I saw them for the first time this week in my own garden, just a couple of little clumps in the back yard and three lonely “drops” in the front. Our snow is still covering large parts of my yard.

  23. 45

    tina said,

    They are so pretty! I just planted some here last fall and finally one-yup just one-bloomed! I hope they spread like these. Such a pretty sight in the snow.

  24. 47

    tina said,

    Yes, a few more coming but I think I only ordered like 20 or less. So I must wait until they multiply; which I hope they do and do happily.

  25. 49

    Gail said,

    They are the cutest little flowers~Goodness, I do hope the snow melts at your place sooner rather then later~gail

  26. 51

    Well how perfect is that – snowdrops with snow for a backdrop. We don’t see that around here!

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