Garden Visits: Trugs

When I was in Kingston on the weekend, I visited my former place of employment. 

Trugs is a lovely flower/gift shop at 65  Brock St in downtown Kingston.  It is in a very cool historical building, with very high ceilings and a brick wall.

It is “the” flower and gift shop in Kingston. It was started by my friend and former colleague at East of Eliza, Bill Lennox in 1991. Orginally, a garden design and gift shop, he added a high end floral shop as well in the early 90’s.

kingston2009 095



In the mid 90’s Bill added a partner to the shop, also a Bill, now known as W.J. to avoid confusion.  A few years ago, the business had grown in size and was split into Trugs Flora and Trugs Home, with each Bill taking responsibility over a different section.

There is an amazing selection of gifts, ranging from bath and candles, to decorative items and furniture for your home.  And of course, the flowers and plants are the best you can get!

 kingston2009 097


kingston2009 098


kingston2009 102

 The store is mostly neutral due to the wooden floor and the brick wall, but every few years Bill picks a new colour to paint the one wall with.

kingston2009 104




kingston2009 109


The store can be reached by calling 613 547-5348 for Flora and 613 547-4663 for Home.


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  1. 1

    Joy said,

    Hello there ! … thank you for visiting my blog ! I need to do a proper garden post soon .. now that the weather will be a bit cooler and less oppressive I might just be able to get in the garden and do a few things.
    I haven’t been to this store yet .. I think it is one of those things where we don’t quite get into the down town core that often .. you know what that can be like. It looks lovely though .. I’m making a mental note ! LOL
    Joy: )

    • 2

      Joy, I know exactly what that was like after living in Kingston for 5 years. You were in the town or the “township” and it was a long way to the other. Trugs is on Brock just west of the farmers market at City Hall. You will enjoy the shop.

  2. 3

    That looks like a lovely store to visit (and spend money). Unfortunately I rarely, if at all, go to Kingston. I’m a country girl just to the north of Belleville and that city is sometimes too big for me. Tweed is more my size. I found my way here from Joy’s blog.

    • 4

      I was visiting friends on the weekend and hits lots of spots from Tamworth, to Napanee, to Warkworth. I will have more posts from my trip next week. Lovely to have you visit, please come back again soon.

  3. 5

    Sunita said,

    What a lovely, yummy shop! Its probably a good thing that its not anywhere in Mumbai or or even in India. I can easily see myself bankrupting myself in there.

  4. 7

    Teresa said,

    Very cool place. I would have been like you, spending more than I made. It’s hard to walk away when everything is so beautiful.

  5. 9

    miss m said,

    You see, that’s why I could never work in a place like that, I’d take everything home !

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