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Who am I?

I was sitting on our porch last weekend , staring into space and daydreaming about what else I would like to accomplish at Kilbourne Grove.  As I idly glanced around, I noticed, way, way up high a flash of something white.  It was in a very overgrown cedar tree, and I wondered if a plastic bag had blown into it.  I groaned, it had to be 20 feet in the air, there was no way I would be able to get it down, and I would have to look at it all the time!!!

I walked over for a closer look and guess what I saw?


At first, I thought that the neighbour on the other side of the cedar had a silver lace vine in their garden, and it had escaped, as the flowers look very similar.

But when I looked more closely, I could see a pale green stem twining through the cedar with maple leaf-shaped leaves on it. 

It certainly is beautiful, and very unexpected, a little garden magic entering my garden. 


Do you know who I am?


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Architectural Salvage

OK., Maybe not architectural, but definitely salvage.

When my dad bought his new house there was a tv tower high up in the sky. there was also a satellite dish and no one had bothered to take down the tower.  I looked at the x’s on the side and thought that they were quite pretty. Then I had my brainwave (and let me tell you, that thing hurt!).

My dad and brother took it down, it was bolted together in 8 foot section, so there were four of them. My dad thinks that I am pretty brilliant (what parent doesn’t) after he heard my idea, and if I was going to do it, he was going to as well, so he kept two.

We took  the other two home to Kilbourne Grove and Ian painted them and the grass as well) a bright blue with Tremclad paint.


One we made the centre of the Kitchen Garden, this one has a variegated porcelain vine planted on it. I love it when the berries have coloured up in the fall, some are almost the same colour as the tower. However it is lovely in the summer as well, the green and white leaves and pink stems really stand out against the blue.

gardenAug09 049

Centrepiece of the Kitchen Garden

Centrepiece of the Kitchen Garden

 Please ignore the grass, I really hate to edge these wooden beds, that is why I am planning on getting rid of the grass. I also feel it is a waste of valuable gardening time cutting the grass every weekend, when I could be accomplishing so much more.


 The other we put up in the  Flora Glade. It is basically a roundabout in the Glade, with paths going off in three directions. At the moment the roundabout is looking very open and spacious, but I am hoping that over the years as the trees and shrubs fill in, it will look more mysterious. You can also see how much grass I still have to remove.  This has a hot pink Felix LeClerc rose that my friends at work gave me for my birthday.

gardenAug09 038

and here is a close up

gardenAug09 040

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