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Beside Myself

It is amazing how you taste changes as you get older.  Not for the worse, not for the better, but just changes.  When I was younger I was very traditional. If it was a painting, I wanted a lovely botanical, or a gentle landscape. In sculpture, a classical statue or a wonderful urn.

But thing change.  Now I am starting to be attracted to more modern art. I am not sure why, is it exposure?  I still like traditional, but whereas I wouldn’t even look at modern before, now I find myself seeking it out.

Take the new exhibit at the Toronto Sculpture Garden for example.

Cast in aluminum and perched on chunky wooden benches, these “faces” by Ted Bieler are amazing.

Shown in a very traditional setting, this area is part of “Old Town”, the first buildings in Toronto.

This little parkette has brick walls, a water feature and lovely traditional plantings.

And I think that these sculptures add to the design.

I can see them in public and private gardens.

This one is my favourite. I think it would look lovely at the end of my Lime Walk, on a plinth, where I can look at it everyday.

The Toronto Sculpture Gardens is located at 115 King St E, the cross street is Jarvis.

Please visit it, the display is only there until September 15th.


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