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Floral Fantasy: Sunflowers, Part II

A lot of sunflowers at the shop lately.

gardenAug09 025

The shop looking gorgeous.

gardenAug09 036

A sunflower arrangement.

We have a longer season for sunflowers than we do for dahlias. We can buy imported sunflowers, but they are always more expensive. Sometimes, it the petals on the sunflower are wilted, or spotty, I will pull off all the petals, just leaving the seedhead in the middle. People are always surprised, and tell me they never would have thought of that!


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Floral Fantasy:Sunflowers

People love sunflowers.  This is something that I have learned over the years I have been a floral designer. They also love gerbera daisies.  They seem to be two of the favourite flowers that people will request in an arrangement.

I love sunflowers now, not so much the rest of the year.  For me, and for a lot of floral designers you are always ahead of the season.  Commercially grown flowers are aprox one month in advance of Mother Nature and our designs reflect this.  By the time one season arrives naturally, I am ready to move on to the next.

We have been purchasing a lot of the autumn flowers at the shop lately, sunflowers, dahlias, sedums, celosia etc and this put me in the mood to make this arrangement.


gardenjuly09 123


This hand tied bouquet also includes roses and asclepia or butterfly weed.

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