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Tiger, Tiger, burning bright


I also picked this shrub up at Loblaws garden centre clearance on the weekend, “Tiger Eye” sumac.

It seems like I missed the boat on this one.  It was introduced by Bailey Nurseries in 2004 (I was living in England then) and won the Gold Medal Plant Award for 2007 by the Pennsylvania Hort Society (no excuse there).  My Scottish grandmother was in love with sumacs, not seeing anything like it at home in Scotland, and had to have one in her garden here.  Unfortunately, it drove my grandfather crazy as it suckered freely.  This one is supposed to be non-invasive and I am planting it as a memorial to my “Nana”.

 I am in love with this plant, it is my favourite colour combo, chartreuse and pinky/red. The leaves start off chartreuse, then change to a bright yellow and are supposed to be orange in the fall.  It is a dwarf (height and spread 6-8 feet), and is  hardy to zone 4. The leaves are lacy and deeply cut, similar to a Japanese Maple and it can take full to part sun.


Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
“Tiger Eye” sumac

Sounds like the perfect plant, doesn’t it?  I’ll let you know.

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