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The Year in Review

         Happy New Years Eve


photo takes at St. Lawrence Market, Toronto     

Does this look a bit like the Times Square New Years. Just waiting for the ball (or star) to drop.     

 I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and will have a Happy and Healthy New Years, (and get slightly polluted).     

I thought that I would take some time and list what I have accomplished this year. Sometimes, all you see is what you have to accomplish, not what you have accomplished. It took a regular reader, thank you BarbaraH, to point out how much my hedges have grown since I first planted them, all I could see, is how much more they need to grow, before they hide the Deliverance house.     

What did I accomplish in 2009? (I am only listing the large projects, not the day-to-day weeding, lawn cutting etc.)     

1. I planted (finally) the lindens that I want to pleach (wish me luck on this) in the Lime Walk.    

2. Two yew hedges were planted to create another garden room, I have no plans for this at the moment, but I am referring to it as the Yew Garden, so Ian knows what I am talking about.     




3. The Serviceberry Allee was started.    



4. The line of Emerald cedars on the north side of what will be my path leading from the driveway to the front door, has been planted.               

Our one day path









5. The Peony Walk (all I seem to have is walks, couldn’t I come up with another name?) has been started. The peonies on the north side have been planted.        

6. A new bed was built on the west side of the Kitchen Garden for Teza.       

 7. The stone stairs up to the cedar berm.       








When I look at this list, I do feel proud off all that Ian and I have accomplished. It is just a weekend home (and not every weekend). We do have to take some time and smell the flowers as well as plant them.        



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