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Do you say Frangipani or Plumeria?

Plumeria is the Latin or Botanical name, but I just love saying frangipani over and over again, especially if I stub my toe while hiking. My other word, as some of you may remember, is Fubuki.

Love them, tee hee.

When I walk to the pool, I walk past a whole row of frangipani trees, and the spent blossoms laying on the path scent the air as I pass. We are just at the end of the bloom cycle, they flower from  April to November, so they give me something special to enjoy during the long hot summer. Each flower is fairly short lived, but there is a lot in a cluster so it goes on and on.

Plumeria trees are also known as Temple Trees because they are usually planted in front of temples in Asia due to their fragrant flowers. The flowers are also popular in Hawaii which are used to make flower necklaces (leis).

I always think of them as a Hallowe’en tree as they look quite eerie when the leaves have dropped. 

Pink plumeria is decidious while the white is evergreen.

Their thick, succulent leaves can grow to 10-inches long or more, but their beauty is in their flowers. Now, you must excuse me, I am off to get my fragrance fix before they are finished for another year.

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