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What can I say about plumbago? It is such a delicious colour, a pale powdery blue. A dear friend of mine gave me one for my birthday, that was the first week of June and it has not been out of flower since. 

I keep it on my terrace in Toronto, as I am not in the country enough to be able to water it on a regular basis. I was a bit worried I would not have enough light to keep it in flower, the terrace only gets morning sun, but look at it!

It can grow to be  quite a large shrub, if you live somewhere there is no frost, I will have to bring it inside for the winter.  It flowers on new wood, so I can cut it back quite heavily to keep it in shape.

When I was researching the Plumbago, I was looking for a common name for the plant. I have always known it as Plumbago auriculata, but there are quite a few common names, however the one that I felt described it the best was Skyflower. It does look like a little bit of sky fell down and landed.

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