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Floral Fantasy: Peonies

This is an arrangement I made at work the other day.  Florists love peony season, they are huge (the flower, not the florist-mostly!) and will give you a good focal point in an arrangement for a fairly inexpensive price.  We are always looking for more bang for the buck!

A Garden Arrangment

A Garden Arrangment

This arrangement was made in a clear glass cylinder vase and includes peonies, green hydrangeas, roses and dahlias.   I needed some extra greenery so I cut a few fronds from a fern.  The style of the shop where I work is very low and lush, we do mostly corporate work, so they must fit easily on a desk.  With a low vase, you have less chance of tipping the vase and ruining your keyboard.  And that’s a good thing!

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Do Tell

What a relief!gardenjune09 060


When you buy a plant on sale at the end of the  season, you have no idea whether or not it is incorrectly tagged.  This peony was marked “Do Tell” but it was long out of flower and I was taking a big chance.  Had someone moved the tag from another peony.  I love all peonies, but I didn’t want to pay that much(even on sale) if it wasn’t the original. 

Luckily, it wasn’t incorrectly named.  I have had that problem in the past.  You work out a careful colour scheme, all white and black flowers and the tulips that you bought had a couple of red in amongst them.

Or worse, you spend a ton of money on a magnolia and wait a few years for it to flower only to find out that it is “Leonard Messel” not “Merrill”.

This wouldn’t happen to me if I wasn’t so cheap.  I blame my Scottish mother.  I could pay full price and get them when they are in flower, making sure that they are the right colour.  And I know that I could have spoken/or returned the magnolia to the nursery and they probably would have done something about the mislabelling (of course, only if I had bought at full retail, when it is on sale it is buyer beware). But then I would have less plants in my garden.  And sometimes it is a happy accident.  But I am still relieved that Do Tell is actually Do Tell!

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