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My Passion for Peonies

Like a lot of bloggers, peonies are my favourite cut flower. I could not wait for peony season to start when I was a floral designer, I loved them so. And one of the great things about wholesale flowers was the peony season in New Zealand. As our seasons are the opposite, I got cut peonies twice a year.

A Garden Arrangment

Wow, this was taken back in 2009, when I first started blogging, my camera skills have improved since then.

So, I made sure to plant a number of peonies at Kilbourne Grove, (and I am still planting, this year I purchased 2 Itoh peonies, Kopper Kettle and Bartzella, and a species, peonia rockii).  Teza also gave me a fern leaf peony when I saw him in the spring for our legendary (in our own minds) trip to Lost Horizons.

There were 2 of the old-fashioned varieties at Kilbourne Grove when we purchased it, both double pinks, a light and a dark. You know, the kind that falls over in a rain, but oh so fragrant, and perfect for vases.  But when I purchase them, I look for anything from singles to a semi-double.

I have

 Do Tell,

See how much Pink Hawaiian Corals colour changes as it ages, crazy.

Pink Hawaiian Coral,

my Dads (unnamed) peony,

Coral N Gold, you can see how much it fades as well,

and a tree peony that I dug up from my parents house when my dad sold the property, an unknown pink.

These are the ones that I have photos for, unphotoed (is that even a word) include, Moon of Nippon, Raspberry Sundae, Edulis Superba, Shirley Temple and two  other tree peonies High Noon” and Shima-Nishiki or “Fire Flame. The last is also one that I dug up from my parents. In the four years since, I have never been at Kilbourne Grove when it has flowered, always arriving to see spent petals decorating the ground,

like this.

 Oh well, one day…

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