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Orchid Tree

There are so many unusual (to me) plants in Barbados. I have been wondering how I will find out what they all are. This beautiful flowering tree can be seen from the balcony of the guest room, and I see it every time I wave at Ian as he is leaving for work, hee hee.

I have been wondering what it is called, it has gorgeous purplish-red flowers, and I love the blue-gray heart shaped leaves.

Imagine my surprise when I bought stamps to mail our Christmas cards.

At last I had a name. Bauhinia x blakeana is a small flowering hybrid tree that was named for the former governor of Hong Kong, Sir Henry Blake


It was discovered there a century ago, and has become the floral emblem of Hong Kong, it is even on the flag.  It is commonly known as the Hong Kong orchid tree.

  Bauhinia was named for 16th century botanists Johannes and Caspar Bauhin who discovered the species.

It is sterile and supposed to be fragrant, although the flowers are too high up for me to find out.

At last, one of my mystery plants, identified. Only a few thousand to go.

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