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Look what is finally in flower in my garden.

I planted this Cornus kousa as a memorial tree for my mum when she died in the autumn of 2007.  It was her very favourite tree, and one that she had tried (unsuccessfully) to grow.  So it was my first choice when I decided to plant a living memorial for her. I was a bit worried, she had lived in Niagara, which is one of the warmest parts of Eastern  Canada to live. Owen Sound is much further north. But they were selling it at my local nursery, so I took a chance.

2008 came nothing, 2009 zilch, 2010 again no flowers, but it was still alive. That was something, wasn’t it.

This spring, I noticed for the very first time, what looked like flower buds. But, now I was living in Barbados, I wasn’t going to be there every weekend to check on my garden.  So I e-mailed Carol, and asked her to watch the Cornus and see if it was going to flower.

Then my neighbour sent me this one yesterday. Looks like my mum is looking after me!

In loving memory of Muriel Gallaway Combe, 1940-2007. Love you and miss you mum.

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