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When I was in Kingston, I stayed at my friend Colleens house.  She has a lovely garden and just built an amazing screened porch. She incorporated  some architectural salvage from a great place called Balleycanoe into the porch. The doors and the spindles? above the doors were from there.  When you use salvage like this it really makes a new construction seamless with a older  home.

kingston2009 114                         ( Don’t worry, the magnolia is coming back)

 But the part I like best is this:

kingston2009 117



Colleen has had Delilah as long as I have known her (over 10 years) and she has lived in the garden the whole time, through summer and winter! There was one time when she was kidnapped, but that is a whole different story!

I should really (and meant too) have taken more pictures of Colleens lovely garden, but the drinking started!!!


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