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Snip, Snip!

No, not my hair, although I did get about 4 inches cut off the bottom, my summer look, thank you for asking.

No, I am talking about the Lindens or Tilias, in my Lime Walk.

When I was picking up my trees at Yesterdays Garden in early May, I asked the owner, Karen, if it was too late to prune them this year. She said no, as long as they were pruned very soon, Tilias do not bleed like maples or birch.

So when my father came to visit, and I put him to work. He grew up on a grape farm in Niagara,  so was well used to pruning. Pleaching, looks a lot like the way grape vines grow, trained horizontally, and pruned to buds.  I am hoping to start the lowest branch of the Tilias at six feet.

So I got him some secateurs and he set to work.

You can see how low this tree branches.

I like to see a man, intent on his (my) work, lol.

All done! Hey, how come I have to pick up the branches, oh well, I guess it is a small price to pay.



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An air of permanence

On Sunday, I visited Wal-mart.  Last weekend, I had spied some very large globe like boxwoods.  They were huge, the next size up from a 2 gallon (whatever size that is) and they were only $19.97.  I had been agonizing over them all week, should I or shouldn’t I.

I made a decision when I went to Loblaws to get groceries. Their boxwoods were tiny and they were $9.00.  Why was I hesitating?  They would give me a air of age to my Lime Walk, since this is only its second summer.


The Before

The Before

You can see in the above picture that my lime trees are leafing out, and the muscari is finished.  The allium foliage is very tatty, I hope that as the hydrangea grow, that will be hidden by foliage.

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