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Spring at the TBG

I have been at the Toronto Botanical Gardene twice this past week. The first time was Tuesday night, when I attended a lecture by Marion Jarvie with my friends Barry Parker and David Leeman. And the second time, this past Sunday, when ORGS (Ontario Rock Garden  and Hardy Plant Society) had its annual plant sale. So I made sure to get out in the garden both times to take some photos, giving myself some inspiration and hopefully you.

You walk through the woodland garden to get to the main building.


 I believe these are insect habitats, quite beautiful.

They are adding new bike racks at the TBG,

nice to see a botanical theme.

I planted these in my garden last year,




 but mine have not started flowering yet.

Obviously I need a lot more.

A great underplanting idea for a specimen tree,

ajuga and amemone blanda.

A couple of plant combinations I liked.

The formal garden is looking quite lovely.

I think this is tulipa sylvestris.

Must have!

And Acer shiraswanum ‘Aureum’, I bought one last year, lovely underplanting.

I love redbuds, mine should be in flower soon. And I actually have a couple of seedlings, a group like this would look lovely on the berm.

Next time, I will show you my absolute favourite spot…

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