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Garden Visits: Larkwhistle

There is an iconic Canadian garden fairly close to Kilbourne Grove. It was probably one of the first gardens in Canada to achieve national recognition. Patrick Lima and John Scanlon started gardening at Larkwhistle back in the 1970’s and since have published several books about gardening, using photos of their garden.  When my friend Janus came to visit from Kingston, we decided to drive up to Larkwhistle, as she has never been there before.

Well, Janus was in seventh heaven. This garden is very similar to her garden, both in the country, surrounded by fields. A profuse overgrown cottage look. Arches and pergolas built from cedar rails.

You could almost see the steam coming out of her ears, as she took it all in.

Oooh, purple goodness, thalictrum and verbena bonariensis.

The Quiet Garden.

I love these concrete pools, (as you can tell by so many photos), must show to Ian.

Must have this Clematis!


You can read another post (and see a whole lot better photos) about this garden on Jen’s Three Dogs in a Garden blog. She and I e-mailed about the chance of getting together when she and her husband were on holiday in the Bruce. She even offered to weed my garden for me, what a sweetie. But the times just didn’t work out, hopefully it will happen another year. She visited Larkwhistle 2 weeks before Janus and I did, see if you can see the difference in the garden by reading her story about it here and here.

Larkwhistle is open to the public for a nominal charge of $3.00 and believe me, you will get a hundred times that in ideas for your own garden.Just be sure and check that it is open before you drive up, they are open on the weekends, I know, but not sure about during the week. If you have the time, be sure and check out this site, Rural Gardens of Grey and Bruce County. Over 30 gardens, including Larkwhistle, belong to this network, all opening their gardens to the public on a regular basis. Perhaps, one day, when Kilbourne Grove is finished, I shall be on it too. But in the meantime, we visited another garden on our way home…

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