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Spring Forward

It has been an amazing March and the first two weeks  of April. When I check my 2009 garden journal, I am finding the garden is 3 weeks ahead from last year. And in 2008, there was still snow on the ground the first weekend in April.

However, Kilbourne Grove still looks a bit blah. I need so many more bulbs, (and to win the lottery)! Carpets of them!

This is the only bulb that was here when we bought the house. Does anyone know what it is?

But next year I should have some more colour, these are all “free” forced dafs that I planted in the Kitchen Garden to recuperate. I will move them out after they are finished flowering.

These Tete A Tetes were from three years ago, they are now very happy flowering in the Flora Glade.

A few perennials are coming up, but nothing is as beautiful as this Polemonium “Touch of Class”, the leaves are purple and turquoise.

But it is the Serviceberry Allee that is the most showy this time of year. The helleborus have been joined by hyacinths.

And it looks like the Serviceberry will be in flower soon.

Helleborus “Green Corsican”(at least, I hope it is, the problem with free plants is sometimes the names get mixed up a bit), has been flowering since March  13th (at least that was the first date I saw it, it could have been flowering longer),

while Helleborus “Jacob” started two weeks ago.

What great plants these are, flowering for 6-8 weeks, maybe even longer. I do not think there are any other perennials that have that longevity. I am definitely going to get more for my garden. Hellebore mania, here I come!


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