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Holy Helleborus

I have a multitude. Not as many as I would like, I am a greedy girl, but 45 helleborus. Fortunately (from a design point of view) I have 3 different varieties. Unfortunately (from a collector point of view) I have only 3 different varieties.

And to make to even worse, I have mixed up the tags, so I am not sure which plant belongs to which name. If any one knows, please let me know, and this mystery can be solved.

From work (I love the free plants that are ‘garbage’ when the flowering finishes) I received Helleborus Gold Collection ‘Green Corsican’, HGC  ‘Jacob’, and HGC ‘SilverMoon’.

This Helleborus is the very first to flower. The white flowers, that age to green, appear on green stems.

This is the next. Again, white flowers, but they turn blush pink with age, and they appear on red stems.

This (obviously) is the last. It flowers differently, instead of each flower bud arising from the soil, it has stems that are above ground all winter, and they are multiflowered.

Can you tell the difference, I can’t tell the difference?

P.S. They have now been identified as #1- Green Corsican, #2-Jacob and #3- SilverMoon. Thank you everyone for all your help.

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