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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Although the song is talking about christmas, for me, it is spring.  Although anytime I get to visit my garden now becomes the most wonderful time of year.  But here was spring in my garden (a bit late), I was soooo very excited. Just a quick look at what was happening all around me.

All three of my witch hazels were still in flower,

Hamamelis ‘Arnold’s Promise’

This one I took the moment I arrived, just starting to get dark.


Magic Fire

Another problem with trying to post two months later, I can’t remember if this is Jelena or Magic Fire, I am inclined to think the latter.

Crocus Roseus, although looking a bit more lilac here.

And perhaps, if I lie to myself, a few more tommies then last year.

A friend gave me a number of helleborus seedlings three years ago. This spring a couple of them started flowering for the first time,

this was the first one to open,

and in bud another.

Scilla tubergeniana is bulking up nicely,

love the ice blue flowers.

This is the first year that I got to see Bulbocodium vernum flower,

often referred to as a spring Colchicum.

There was lots more in bloom, but I have to leave you wanting more, lol….

lyrics by Andy Williams


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Witchy Poo!

I am greedy, greedy for spring!  It is my favourite time of the year, nothing (in my mind) compares to it. And so I am always looking for plants, trees, bulbs etc. that are early. Now early does not always mean the same thing to everyone. To all you lovely UK bloggers, early is January. I would love to have something flower in January, but there is no chance of that in Owen Sound. When I lived in Toronto or in Kingston,  I would sometimes have snowdrops flowering in February, but at Kilbourne Grove the snow is deep. It often doesn’t melt until the end of March. So the bulbs and perennials (hello Helleborus) stay buried until then, but the witch hazels don’t care about the snow. They are above snow level, and just give it a wave.

I started last year with Hamamelis ‘Arnold Promise’.

Now he is two, and has put on a lot of growth.

I think that his flowers are larger than last year. They look gorgeous, shining against the snow.

 I enjoyed him so much, that I decided to add another. Hamamelis ‘Magic Fire’ or ‘Feuerzauber’  is a lovely red/orange, brilliant against the cedar backdrop.

I gave her (funny how she is female ) a underskirt of crocus tommasinianus, purple to set off her fiery locks.

Now the question is, can I stop at two?

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We are taking a short break for a public service announcement, before we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

This picture was taken last weekend, when my big melt occurred. That is why you can still see snow in it.  This is the second spring for my Hamamelis x intermedia “Arnold Promise”, or Arnie as I affectionately call him.  I always thought that he was called Arnold’s Promise, until I read that he was developed at Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum in 1928. Now I find out not only is he old, he is also smart!

You cannot tell from this picture but I have a cedar hedge planted behind Arnie, this should provide a backdrop to set off his lovely golden curls.

And I am hoping that as the hedges grow and make more of a room, they will trap the fragrance that Arnie is supposed to be full of, so far I am a bit disappointed in him.


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