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Flower Power

Flowers! I can’t get away from them, nor would I want to. Whether it is at work (I’m a floral designer) or in the garden (I’m a gardener), I love them!

I thought you would like to see some of the flower arrangements at Canada Blooms. It is always good for me to see others work, and hopefully get some inspiration from them.

I love, love these! These panels were amazing, a mix of tillandia, phalos and kiwi vine.The tillandias and kiwi are very long term, you could hide water tubes behind the plants and fill them with flowers for a party. These would be very cool in a restaurant installation, or bar.

This picture didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. This is forsythia inserted into bamboo poles.

And just a few from some of the professional designers in Toronto.

They would all be great for parties, weddings, etc, a little too large for an average home, lol.

Isn’t this amazing, all natural materials, a very talented artist.

And another one.

This might be a little hard to place, lol.

Like pink?

What it really looks like in a flower shop, even a cold cup of tea!

Green goddess!

One of my favs.

The Light,

and the Dark.

Quite cool, just remember these are cutting edge, think restaurant, fancy boutique, not your home.

and my fave.

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The Magical World of Tinker Bell

One of the most interesting exhibits at Canada Blooms was for kids, whether small, or just wish they were. Walking a pink fairy dusted path, I was wishing I was a bit shorter, or a lot more flexible so I could follow some of the kid sizes paths.

From the other side of the building, something magical beckons. Look it is “Pixie Hollow”.

Ooooh, look there is a path underneath those mushrooms, where bells chime!


This is a four season display presided over by Rosette the Garden Fairy, Silvermist the Water Fairy, Iridessa the Light Fairy, Fawn the Animal Fairy, and how could you forget Tinker Bell.

They are such works of art.

I do not remember anything like this when I was a child. Look at the animals behind Fawn.

This doesn’t photograph as well as it looked in real life. The water shooting up was very cool.

Can you see the fairy dust?  Do you believe?

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Bloomin Canada

Finally, Toronto has their garden show. I have been reading (and drooling over) about all the other garden shows that have been on for the last couple of months. From Philadelphia, to Seattle to Kingston, I have been dizzy with delight. When, oh when, would it be my turn.

It seems like Canada Blooms is one of the last garden shows before spring really happens.  Started 14 years ago, it has been in two different locations, with another new one this year. And this location is the best! The light coming into the building (at the entrance at least) makes all the difference, both for the plants and for the people.  Everything is on one level this year which makes it a lot easier to get around.

I am not going to waste a lot of time on words, I know, hard to believe, I am such a motormouth, but here, I think the pictures speak for themselves, (mostly)!

Big is always better, lol.

For all those people wondering what to do with a blank wall.

Sea urchins, all the way here  from Les Jardins de Metis.

and I thought we had a lot of orchids at the shop,

This would be lovely to mark an altar at a wedding.

I love this!

I am fantasizing about having this in my garden, so I had to show you  2 pictures.

Cob house, I do not think that it would be hardy in most of Canada over the winter.

OK, I loved this too.

It would be a real focal point in my a garden.

Still love all white.

The students at Humber  College built this, do you think if I invite them up to Owen Sound, they could replicate it?

But how would you water them?

This is the Canadian Cancer Society’s booth, I love big oversized statements, and I really love three of them.



Pretty, love the colour echo of the white trunks and the white hyacinths.

I know, we have seen it before, but I still love it.

A curly willow hedge will hide the Deliverance house from me!

Not quite sure why you would want a periwinkle mountain, but if you so, here you go.

Serene, nothing like a Japanese garden.

To be continued…


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