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Fustic House

The ‘season’ in Barbados is underway, and lots is going on.  The National Trust of Barbados is having open houses all through feb-april to raise money and support it.  This year I became a volunteer, a ‘room sitter’, that means I am the one that makes sure you don’t sit on the bed, lol.  My first of the season was Fustic House in St. Lucy.  This is very near to where I live in Barbados, so easy to get to, a nice change from my usual one hour drive.

Fustic House was originally known as Seaview, and is the last surviving plantation house on the west coast of Barbados, overlooking the sea.  The original  ‘Great House’, dates back to the 17th century, but in the 1970’s, the house was redesigned by Oliver Messel.  He is very well-known and loved in Barbados, designing a number of houses during those years. In fact, the green on this bench is known in Barbados as ‘Messel Green’ and you can purchase it at the paint store.

No photographs were allowed inside during the ‘Open House’, but you can see it here, if you are interested in purchasing. There are four buildings, the original great house, the addition built by Oliver Messel, the guest cottage known as the Plantation House, and the Pavillion.  I was stationed in the Plantation Wing, two amazing guest rooms, with an open air sitting room, and gym. The showers in the en suite bathrooms were gorgeous, open to the elements above, but privacy on all sides, I would love to have one like them. 

But I was able to take photos of the grounds, over 10 acres. From Dendrobium orchids

to Philodendron in the trees,

pots and sculpture everywhere,

and lots of winding paths, it was a picture. 

The pool has been carved into a rocky ridge,

and there is a lovely pond higher up the hill.

Terraces and small sitting areas were everywhere making it a joy to stroll around the garden. It was truly a wonderful afternoon, lovely to enjoy a bit of Barbados history.

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