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Silver Wood

This is the centrepiece to the Christmas decorations in the flower shop this year. I was inspired to show it to you in more detail after reading Christine at Idora Design post about Manzanita.

We get these branches in from California with the bark sandblasted off. They were used for a few years in their natural state, before we decided to paint them silver for Christmas.

I love these branches, they are so architectural in their shape, and make quite a statement.

These are big branches, about five feet from bottom to top. You can get much smaller ones as well.

We had to put some big stones in the base of the galvanized container they are sitting in. You need the weight to stop it from tipping over.

Then did the usual stuffing chicken wire in and hiding it with sheet moss.

We had these up last year as well, wound tiny white lights around the branches and hung silver and crystal ornaments from it. This year, a more natural look, no lights and there are moss balls hanging from ribbon tied to  the branches.

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Do They Know It’s Christmas!

How can they not? Look what we did to the flower shop last week.

Starting with the outside, two galvanized pots are filled with 6 foot birch poles flanking  the entrance. Although you cannot see it, the centre is stuffed with moss.

This is the view that most customers see, if they are just walking by. Hopefully, it is eyecatching enough to draw them in.

On one side of the room we have a fireplace mantle. This has  been a lovely feature, and always interesting to display on. We have placed a small wooden table in front of it for an extra display area this Christmas.

This is the other side. It is much brighter as it has a window behind it. Customers can see in from the outside as well as from the inside, so the displays have to be arranged so they can be viewed from both sides.

These four pictures hanging over our design desk are actually framed moss. They were created for last Christmas and have stayed up all year. They have not deteriorated at all. I love them!

Look at the beautiful colours in the cooler now. See the peonies from New Zealand.

This is the front display window, sorry for the glare.

Unlike most retailers, we do not start decorating for Christmas in October. To me this is ridiculous. It seems to start earlier every year. I do not even want to think about Christmas when there is still leaves on the trees, veggies to harvest, that is autumn. Christmas is a winter holiday. Can the stores not wait to decorate, we all know Christmas is coming, no need to shove our faces in it. (Sorry, I guess that is a touchy point.)

To me (personally) any time after the middle of November, it can start, all though at the flower shop I am working at now, we have always decorated the last weekend in November.

So much of what we sell is perishable, we cannot afford to start too early. Next week, I will show you some of the designs we are making for Christmas.


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Turkey, Lurkey

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, or I guess that would just be the Canadians! Eat, drink and be merry, (how many cliches can I come up with).

I hope that every one has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


 gardenOct09 001

 Just a little eye candy for you.  The shop was looking particulary yellow.

Last week when we were making Thanksgiving centerpieces, I took a few pictures for you to see.

gardenOct09 037

We call these long and low, great for a rectangular table.

gardenOct09 039

Fruit is great in arrangements, especially for a “harvest” holiday.

gardenOct09 042

Or you can do a round arrangement.

gardenOct09 043

And everyone loves sunflowers.

gardenOct09 047




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Floral Fantasy: Dahlias

I love dahlias. At this tine of year, dahlias are going into every arrangement that I make at the flower shop.

A: As we try to be very seasonal, they are the new flower in season.

B: They are huge and cheap, two words that floral designers love to hear.

C: So many yummy colours and shapes.

gardenSept09 077

This arrangement has two sizes of very, very, pale yellow dahlias, and a creamy rose. I love monochromatic arrangements. These are actually old flowers from the store and this is in my kitchen at Kilbourne Grove.

gardenSept09 075

This is a really lovely one, the flash of the camera really changed the colour. It is a very dark red, almost black, very velvety looking.

 It is such a shame the season is so short. We buy these at the Food Terminal from a local grower. They are not available until late summer and will end with the first frost.

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Floral Fantasy: Sunflowers, Part II

A lot of sunflowers at the shop lately.

gardenAug09 025

The shop looking gorgeous.

gardenAug09 036

A sunflower arrangement.

We have a longer season for sunflowers than we do for dahlias. We can buy imported sunflowers, but they are always more expensive. Sometimes, it the petals on the sunflower are wilted, or spotty, I will pull off all the petals, just leaving the seedhead in the middle. People are always surprised, and tell me they never would have thought of that!

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