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Flower Power

Flowers! I can’t get away from them, nor would I want to. Whether it is at work (I’m a floral designer) or in the garden (I’m a gardener), I love them!

I thought you would like to see some of the flower arrangements at Canada Blooms. It is always good for me to see others work, and hopefully get some inspiration from them.

I love, love these! These panels were amazing, a mix of tillandia, phalos and kiwi vine.The tillandias and kiwi are very long term, you could hide water tubes behind the plants and fill them with flowers for a party. These would be very cool in a restaurant installation, or bar.

This picture didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. This is forsythia inserted into bamboo poles.

And just a few from some of the professional designers in Toronto.

They would all be great for parties, weddings, etc, a little too large for an average home, lol.

Isn’t this amazing, all natural materials, a very talented artist.

And another one.

This might be a little hard to place, lol.

Like pink?

What it really looks like in a flower shop, even a cold cup of tea!

Green goddess!

One of my favs.

The Light,

and the Dark.

Quite cool, just remember these are cutting edge, think restaurant, fancy boutique, not your home.

and my fave.

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