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My Passion for Peonies

Like a lot of bloggers, peonies are my favourite cut flower. I could not wait for peony season to start when I was a floral designer, I loved them so. And one of the great things about wholesale flowers was the peony season in New Zealand. As our seasons are the opposite, I got cut peonies twice a year.

A Garden Arrangment

Wow, this was taken back in 2009, when I first started blogging, my camera skills have improved since then.

So, I made sure to plant a number of peonies at Kilbourne Grove, (and I am still planting, this year I purchased 2 Itoh peonies, Kopper Kettle and Bartzella, and a species, peonia rockii).  Teza also gave me a fern leaf peony when I saw him in the spring for our legendary (in our own minds) trip to Lost Horizons.

There were 2 of the old-fashioned varieties at Kilbourne Grove when we purchased it, both double pinks, a light and a dark. You know, the kind that falls over in a rain, but oh so fragrant, and perfect for vases.  But when I purchase them, I look for anything from singles to a semi-double.

I have

 Do Tell,

See how much Pink Hawaiian Corals colour changes as it ages, crazy.

Pink Hawaiian Coral,

my Dads (unnamed) peony,

Coral N Gold, you can see how much it fades as well,

and a tree peony that I dug up from my parents house when my dad sold the property, an unknown pink.

These are the ones that I have photos for, unphotoed (is that even a word) include, Moon of Nippon, Raspberry Sundae, Edulis Superba, Shirley Temple and two  other tree peonies High Noon” and Shima-Nishiki or “Fire Flame. The last is also one that I dug up from my parents. In the four years since, I have never been at Kilbourne Grove when it has flowered, always arriving to see spent petals decorating the ground,

like this.

 Oh well, one day…

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A Day Out with the Fabulous Mr. T

See what happens to me when I meet a man for the first time.

Straight, gay, it doesn’t matter, they fall to the ground in amazement at my beauty, lol.

Barry, aka Teza, and I finally met for the first time. Despite all my enticements, and finding a huge bed for us to share, the man did everything he could to resist me. But on Friday, it finally happened, out eyes met and we stared in longing, then stated bitchslapping each other, I want that plant, no its mine. Tee hee,  there was a lot of that going on.

I was super excited when I drove from Owen Sound to meet Teza. He was one of the first Canadian garden bloggers to welcome me to the world, and was highly influential on me joining Blotanical. When he first left a comment on my blog, I had only been blogging for 3 months, and was flabberghasted when he left a comment. One smart ass comment, lead to another, led to e-mailing, and joining up on his seminar.  But with a 1 and a half hour distance, and limited time on the weekends, it was not until this year that we were able to meet.

I was quite surprised when I finally got to see his kids. I know he has mentioned that he has a very small space to garden in, but even  looking at his photos, I didn’t quite realize just how small.

 It is stuffed full of goodness, and I made a few high pitched squeals myself.

Larix decidua 'Horstmann's Recurva'

Abies koreana 'Horstmann's Silberlocke'

Acer campestre 'Carnival'

And was tempted to grab a shovel when his back was turned. After very generously gifting me with two fabulous Arisaemas and a fern leaf peony, OMG, we put the pedal to the metal and headed to Lost Horizons.

I had only visited once, and it was years ago, so I was really looking forward to seeing the display gardens again, and especially with such a knowledgeable guide.

 Teza has worked here in the past, so any obscure plant that I wanted to know what it was, he was able to provide the info, (or maybe he made it up, I certainly wouldn’t know, lol). With a lot of bending over, (little did I know that I would see photos of that on his blog), and grunting and groaning, (yoga, don’t fail me know),

Veratrum nigrum

Darn it, I can’t remember which anemone this is right now, but I know I must have it.

I took a huge number of photos of plants that I just have to have. (I am shaking my head as I type this, my good intentions with Kilbourne Grove, my forever garden, of not having a huge collection of one ofs, but drifts instead, is seriously falling by the wayside).

Milium effusum 'Aureum'

And look, what a brilliant idea. I am going to plant Bowles golden grass under my Redbud, Cercis canadensis, you know I am loving chartreuse and fuschia right now.

I also love this, look at the rhythm provided by these columnar yews, want these as well.

A new part to Lost Horizons, at least to me, is the knot and formal garden.

Love the Beech topiaries

 This was certainly an area to inspire me, love the knot,

 and look at this avenue. Could it be a Lime Walk? It is certainly Tilias, and look his is pleaching them as well.

His way looks a lot easier then mine, perhaps I went a bit to far with the poles and the wire.

Although I had a list of the woody plants that I am trying to restrict myself to, with such an enabler, a few more fell into my garden cart. I managed to restrict myself to spring or fall bloomers, deciding there is no point in purchasing plants that would bloom while I am in Barbados, although Molly the Witch, Paeonia mlokosewitschii did give me a bit of a tussle. I certainly tried to limit myself, (Ian will be happy), as I know I will be attending the ORGS on May 6th and will be heading off to Kingston, the middle of May, where another garden enabler will be no doubt be encouraging me to buy, buy, buy.

We loaded up the car, and I was struck by how ‘girly’ my purchases looked next to Tezas



 That surprised me as I don’t consider myself having girly taste. But maybe I do. What do you think?

After a lovely lunch (thanks again for buying Teza), we visited Little Tree, employer of the fabulous Mr. T. I hope they appreciate what a treasure they have, every where I looked I could see signs of how he wants to make this garden centre into a destination spot. Cornus Venus, Cornus  ‘Wolf Eyes’, a gorgeous yellow magnolia that I forgot the variety of , Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’ and Acer palmatum ‘Ukigumo’ or more commonly known as  ‘Floating Cloud’, all plants that I soooo want in my garden, and was very, very tempted to purchase, (still am, I could be back there in an hour)!  But, somehow, I restrained myself, thinking of lovely Acer campestre ‘Carnival’ waiting for me in the back seat of my car. 

I don’t need anything more, do I?

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