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I picked up a lot of interesting British words and expressions during the two years that I lived in London.  I love this word, and it is exactly how I was feeling when my Eremurus himalaicus started flowering for the first time this year.  I purchased the roots for this plant in the autumn of 2010. In 2011 I did not have any flowers, and since I planted them right beside my Eremurus bungei or stenophyllus, I wasn’t sure if I had any foliage or not.

But this year, I was pretty sure that I had two different types of eremurus foliage and sure enough I was right.

Just before I left for Toronto to meet Ian the end of May, they started flowering

Three perfect blooms this year, hopefully more next year.

When the eremurus bungei first started flowering in 2009,I only had 2 blossoms. in 2010 there was 13.

Eremurus bungei 2010

 But this year

 I counted 24 just before I left for Barbados.


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