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A Return Visit to Larkspur Lane

Memories, ah, memories.

I returned to Kingston last week and visited my friend Janus at Larkspur Lane. I showed you her garden last August, but June is a magical time, (and not just because that is when I was born). Nothing is eaten, heat or water stressed, everything is so perky and fresh.

A few peonies were still in flower,

Buckeye Belle

Janus had a “senior moment” and couldn’t remember the name of this peony, but don’t worry, I will get it out of her!

She is really starting to like hostas, and they are starting to bulk up in her garden. When I look at the size of them (I am such a size queen), I realize that I never leave mine to grow long enough, either I am dividing them, or moving. I want some big ones too!

I love the contrast of the broad leaves of the hosta, against the finer leaves of the nepeta,(I can do this),

or against the strappy leaves of the iris,(I can do this too),

and what doesn’t look nice with peonies and alchemilla. actually all my arrangements at work lately are including these, and hosta leaves of course.

Some martagon lilies arising from a bed of hosta.

One of her latest “Rainforest Sunrise”.

Janus is also a bit of a size queen.



Onopordum acanthium,


After all, you can never have too many delphiniums.

And for all those wondering who has won the book giveaway:

the draw from Ian’s hat revealed Melissa’s name, Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a slightly battered edition of Beverley Nichols ‘Down the Garden Path’.

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