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I’m feeling inadequate.

No, not in marriage, not in my job, but even worse, a spot very close to my heart, my garden.

I went to visit my friend Barry Parker again. I last wrote about his garden when he was about to open in for Toronto Gardens back in April. It was beautiful then, even more beautiful now.

I just took a couple of very quick snaps. I was looking for a plant that would be good to cover the very mangy line of muscari that I have in my Lime Walk. I had some great suggestions when I wrote about it, one plant that I am considering is Hakonecholoa.  I planted a couple to trial them, but they are very mingy, and I am worried that they will get thuged out by the muscari.  Then I saw Barry’s,

look at the size of them, there is no way the muscari will be able to take over from them!

When I got home and loaded my pictures on the computer, I was flabbergasted to discover that every picture was great. They were all like a magazine shoot!!!! (at least in my mind)

just a quick snap!

my cornus doesn’t look this good!

I don’t remember what Barry said this was, but isn’t it pretty.

Now I want that ligularia and the cornus ‘Wolf Eye”.

I am feeling very inadequate!

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