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Pride of Barbados

A strange man gave me flowers, and Ian wasn’t even jealous! What is wrong with him, lol.

When we were on the Island Safari tour, our guide, Jordan, stopped at the side of the road to pick this flower for the ladies on the tour. Of course we were all flattered and gave him a special smile, what woman doesn’t want to get a flower from a handsome young man.

Caesalpinia pulcherrima is known (at least here) as the Pride of Barbados. It appears on the coat of arms of Barbados, as well as on the Queens personal Barbadian flag.

This plant with its lovely yellow flowers can grow 10-15 feet tall, but can be pruned into a low hedge.  It also flowers in red/yellow and pink. The long seed pods let you know that it is a member of the legume family.

With large compound leaves, flowering all year in full sun and tolerant of dry soil, it certainly deserves its title, ‘Pride of Barbados’.


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