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Breadfruit Fern

At Kilbourne Grove, there are a number of hooks attached to our porch. I love the look of hanging baskets of ferns, and think they would look amazing hanging all along it, but as we have never lived there full-time, it was not to be.  Some day, when we are retired, I hope to have them. Boston ferns certainly seem to be the standard variety in North America, but here in Barbados I see hanging baskets of this fern all over.

It is called the Breadfruit fern here, as the leaf shape bears a strong resemblance to the shape of the leaf on the Breadfruit tree.

But after Googling it, I am still not able to finds out its Botanical name, perhaps one of you knows it? 

 They certainly are a lot tougher than the Boston, obviously able to take a much higher temperature, and some sun as well.

I actually think they are prettier then the popular Boston Fern, maybe another one to grow at home…..


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