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Gotta Have It: Bougainvillea

I know you have heard this before, but this has to be one of my favourite flowering plants in Barbados (at least so far). Bougainvilleas were flowering when we arrived in December and are still with no sign of stopping. From what I understand, they like the dry season that we are in now, but I was told they will flower all year, just not as heavily. 

 This is the scene that I admire every day from our terrace. It looks the same now, 4 months later, as it did when we arrived .

Our complex has a concrete wall separating us from the road, and they planted bougainvilleas along it. They are a great boundary plant, thorny, to discourage trespassers, human and animal alike. They can grow from 1-12 meters high, and using the thorns on their branches to pull themselves into trees,or onto buildings, much like a climbing rose does.

They certainly make great pot plants, as these by the pool bar show.

 When we eventually put a lap pool in at Kilbourne Grove,

big pots of bougainvilleas along side of it would be a lovely reminder of our happy time in Barbados. 

Or maybe a pergola like this would work. What do you think?

In the meantime, I make do with my first,

 this one on my terrace.

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On The Terrace

I guess I could have titled this post Free Plants Are Great Part 5  instead. For some reason, people love giving me free plants, and I love to receive them, lol.

When the lady Ian was replacing went back to the States, she asked if I would be interested in adopting her plants. I am sure that you realize that there was no question that I would say no! So the maintenance team at the complex brought them over and I lucked out.

The best was this huge Ficus benjamina or Weeping Fig. I am a bit of a size queen, love statement plants, the bigger the better.

Recognize the dark settee from our terrace in Toronto, we had it shipped down as the seating provided by the landlord was limited. Also the black wing chair is ours, and the white and blue ceramic stool, we had those at Kilbourne Grove. On the other side of the settee is the white ceramic stool from Toronto. I love these stools, they are great little tables, extra seating and I do not have to worry about them being exposed to the elements. I want more!

can you see the reflection of the lagoon in the window?

We also brought this marble topped table from our terrace in Toronto. Instead of dining at it, we use it as a display piece. The Ficus lyrata is another statement behind the table, and I grouped two colour co-ordinated pots with it.

The bougainvillea is on the other side of the terrace, it is still quite small, but I am hoping that it will grow quickly, the landscape staff here are always pruning the ones planted in the ground, so I have my fingers crossed. I want it to fill in this corner, as well as drape over the railing.

So far that is it for plants, however I am sure as time goes on I will be adding to my collection.

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