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Love the colours!

This was my new fav colour combo when I left Canada in the spring/early summer.  I just love it. And I am constantly thinking about colour schemes for our guest rooms, perhaps this could be one of them.

It includes Berberis ‘Royal Burgundy’,

Hakonechloa ‘Albo Striata’,

and this new lovely sedum that I purchased this spring, of course I can’t remember the name, and my garden journal is sitting safely at home on the kitchen island, instead of in Barbados where I might need it. But any blue sedum will do.

Do you love it?



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A Winning Combination

As a floral designer, I am always attracted to colour schemes that are a tiny bit ‘off’.

When I first started in the industry, almost 20 years ago, (OMG), pink and blue seemed to be the ‘colour de jour’. I very quickly got tired of that palette, and was quite happy when bolder and brighter colours became more popular.

But it became pink and blue all over again, when I started working at Kenneth Turner at Harrods.  The English garden look was his signature, and pink, blue and white were the predominate colours. We very rarely had yellow or orange in the display fridge, and once again, I grew very tired of that pastel colour scheme.

When it comes to my own garden though, I am a bit of a wimp.  I prefer more monochromatic schemes, and I always seem to be attracted to white and blue.  But I have been breaking out of that mould lately, and chartreuse and hot pink/red has become a new favourite.

I wish that I knew the variety of the chartreuse bamboo, I bought it at one of Marion Jarvies open gardens, and lost the tag years ago. My friend Janus, kept it in her garden for me while I was in England.  The Knockout rose was purchased this year, and I love the colour against the Royal Cloak berberis.  Although you can’t see her, there is an Angelina sedum  just down at the bottom.   A japanese anemone is in the upper right of the photograph, “Pamina” has just started blooming, adding more hot pink in the mix. There is also a ‘Plum Pudding’ heuchera, at the bottom right, with foxgloves scattered throughout.  Just behind the anemone is a ‘Goldheart’ Dicentra, adding to the chartreuse/pink combo.  I have been quite happy with this colour scheme, and it is certainly a long way away from blue and white. 

What has been your favourite colour combination this year?

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That magical hour, when everything  (including me) looks so much better in the garden, no harsh glare, just flattering shadows.

Compare these two pictures of the same spot in my garden,

this one was taken during the harsh light of the day,

And then the magic hour,

wait, do you need another look at it,

So far, I am pretty happy with the way this section of the garden has turned out, however there is always room for improvement.

So far, I have Hakonechloa macro ‘Albo striata’, Hosta ‘White Feather’, Berberis ‘Royal Cloak’, a mini variegated bamboo, name unknown (but planted in a pot, just in case), Regale lily, Sedum sieboldii,  self seeded foxglove and an Anchusa, also unknown variety.

What do you think it needs?

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