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Island Safari

Ian has a thing for Land Rovers. He sooo wants one. So when he saw the ad for this company, he was hooked. He has wanted to go on this tour since we arrived, so this weekend we did it.

This is a great way to see parts of Barbados that are difficult to get to by car, the roads can be very rough and quite hard on your shocks. The Land Rovers have 4 wheel drive and took us off the road and quite close to the coast.

Easier to look ahead,

then to look down.

Very scary,


We also went into Bathsheba. This is the ‘surfing’ town.

Someone lost their house.

The Soup Bowl is here, which is apparently the best spot to surf.

Walking on the beach.

If it wasn’t for the palm trees, you would think this church was in England.

Lunch, the highlight of my day! We stopped at Sunbury Plantation House.

Doesn’t everyone need a cannon!

After lunch we went up high,

a great view.

Graffiti is everywhere!

On this tour we were on the Land Rover all day, however they also have one that is half a day on a catamaran, I think that one is next.

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