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Garden Visits: Folmer’s Botanical Gardens

I have wanted to visit Folmer’s Botanical Gardens in Walkerton for years, but it never worked out. This garden was featured in Canadian Garden magazine a few years ago and I became even more determined to get there. However this spring, I finally succeeded. And I wish I had made more of an effort because I loved it.  I got so inspired, I feel like I need to buy thousands of Anamone blanda bulbs this fall.

Certainly need me a display like this,

and this

what about this.


Brian Folmer has been passionate about gardening since he was 15 and studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph.  in 1996 he purchased 108 acres and began planning a garden centre, garden design and display gardens.  According to their website, they are the largest privately owned botanical gardens in southwestern Ontario.  There is over 30 acres of display gardens, both formal and informal.


I need gates,

just like these ones.

And a gazebo,

all good.

Now this I could do,

I certainly have enough muscari, just need to put a path in.

And lots and lots of spring bulbs.


we got vistas for days, (need to work on mine, it is one of my favourite design features).

And did I mention the serviceberry allee,

certainly longer then mine, and with single trunk specimens, rather then multi trunked,

it gave me lots of hope that mine will one day be as gorgeous. Love the vistas and focal points in every direction.


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Serviceberrys Everywhere!

Have you ever noticed when you purchase something, all of a sudden you start seeing it everywhere? Buy a Ford Focus, and all of a sudden it seems like everyone is driving one, dye your hair red, and suddenly your sister feels the need to as well.

I planted my Serviceberry (or Amelanchier for my British friends) Allee last fall after thinking long and hard about what tree to use. 

This is what it looked like this spring,

Has someone written a book or magazine article about how great they are? Suddenly I am seeing them everywhere, and this is downtown Toronto, not a small town or out in the country.

For example:

This condo has just been built across from St. James Park at Adelaide and Jarvis. Look at what the landscaping firm has planted in the front.

Ok, one of them is not very happy, but I am sure the landscaping company is going to do something about that.

Another condo at Adelaide and Church has just installed these planters, look at the tree, recognize it.

Here is what they look like on the street.

Speaking of streets, the City of Toronto is starting to plant serviceberries on the street, great for the birds.

They are such a great all around tree all year long.

This small parkette is at Parliament and Adelaide. Look at the back row!

All these were found less than five minutes from my condo.

Have serviceberries  become trendy on the east side of downtown Toronto, or are landscapers just realizing how beautiful and hardy they are, a great tree!

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