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The Year in Review 2011

Another  year has come and gone, where does the time go!


Yet another idea for my garden, it would be a lovely reminder of my time in Barbados!


Bumped up my country count with a quick trip to Trinidad.


Oooh, maybe this would be a better reminder of my time in Barbados.


I arrive back in Canada, just in time for the snowdrops, yay!


I finally get to visit Brian Bixleys garden, after wanting to for many years.


The trees in the Lime Walk get their first prune.


Visited Hunte’s Gardens, an amazing place in Barbados.


Saw my first Kadooment Day parade, and vowed to start exercising when I saw the size of the costumes.


The hydrangea (free leftovers from Easter sales), finally started bulking up in the Lime Walk and looking like something.


Visited another amazing garden while I was home in the autumn. Keppel Croft is located close to Kilbourne Grove.


My SIL came for a visit and we tried zip lining, what an adrenalin rush.


Christmas on the island, what a glorious feeling.

Interested in what happened last year? You can read about it here.


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Zippity Doo Dah

My, oh my, what a wonderful day….

Or a crazy scary day, depending on your feelings.

Because….I went zip lining…

My sister-in-law and a girlfriend of hers came to visit us in Barbados last week, and this was one of the things they wanted to try when they were here. So Ian booked Friday off of work, and we drove out to Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures  in the Jack-in-the-Box Gully.

The guides were very funny and certainly very professional, they didn’t even laugh at me after I got all suited up. Trust me, those harnesses are not a flattering look.

Ian went first, showing us how brave he was, sigh…

Kimberley demonstrating what to do if you brake too soon, and don’t quite reach the platform, look at those biceps!

I was too scared to look down, so the scenery shots are looking out. We were quite high up.

 There are 8 platforms placed up in the canopy of trees with the highest one over 100 feet in the air! The longest cable is close to 300 feet, while the whole trip is over 1000 feet long.

What, you didn’t think I would do it!

I actually loved it and would even try it again, (but I NEVER looked down).

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