On to May…

Now after that short break to show you Kilbourne Grove from the air, we will continue on the ground.

I took lots and lots and lots of photos, don’t want to forget a thing,

From my redbud flowering again this year, yay, (shall have to limb it up a bit)…

to my favourite euphorbias flowering. These have seeded everywhere in the garden, but I love them so much, I can’t bear to pull them out.

The red Ohio buckeye, Aesculus Pavia, has twice as many flowers on it this year,

love how the stems match the flower colour.

My favourite camassia. leichtlinii, need to divide it and spread the love.

Another camassia, this one is quamash. I have read the native Americans used to dig the bulbs and use them for food.

Fothergilla just starting to flower,

My mothers tree peony also starting to flower,

love this shot, I am now using it as a screen saver.

The Serviceberry Allee,

with the serviceberry or Amelanchiers just starting to flower.

And a new hellebore, “Amber Gem”,

I think planting it beside some chartreuse and chocolate foliage will make the colour pop even more.

Just so I do not bore you too much, I will show you the last half of May next time.

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A Birds Eye View 2013

Lucky you, it is that time of year again, where I brave life and limbs, standing on the roof to take photos of my garden. Don’t hold back your screams of delight, I can tell how excited you are.

So this is where it stands this spring, our 7th,

Front Garden

Last spring I planted Acer campestre ‘Carnival’ here, and you can just see it against the cedar hedge. What you can’t see is a purple smoke bush, Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ just to the side and behind it. I think it will be a lovely contrast between the Acer and the Cornus alternofolia ‘Golden Shadows’.


You can just see the Fritillaria meleagris (at least the white ones) in the grass.

Lime Walk

Note to self, finish extending the muscari the length of the walk!!!!!

Nothing to report on the Lime Walk, although my friend David Leeman had been here the week before,

 and had tamed the shaggy monsters the box balls had become.

Now I just have to keep them in line.

The Serviceberry Allee

The Allee just keeps ticking long, although I do have to get in, divide the Narcissus ‘Bridal Crown’ and space them through the length of the allee. These were forced pots from work, and I just threw them in the ground when I started the very first bed.

The Flora Glade and The Kitchen Garden

Here you can see the Flora Glade and Kitchen Garden.

Ooops, still have not got my path finished, the one that I was working on last spring, lol. That has to go on the list for the fall, it would be really, really embarrassing to show you the Flora Glade next spring, with the path not done.  Added a couple of shrubs here this spring, hopefully I remembered to take some photos of them before I left and I can update you.

And just for your viewing pleasure, a bit of a further away shot, called not using the zoom on the camera.

You can probably see what looks like a tall post to the left of the garage. This was a diseased red maple that we had cut down in the fall. I have the bright idea of growing a clematis up it, just another thing to add to the list.

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Ah Spring, please continue…

Spring, how I love you, let me count the ways…

And I wish you to continue on and on. Since that is not possible in real life, lets at least continue the spring tour at Kilbourne Grove.

Another new to me spring bulb is Corydalis solida.  I purchased some of these bulbs trying to increase my viewing pleasure during the only times of the year I am in Canada. And I want a show, this one certainly provided one.

Both of these varieties came from GardenImport in Toronto,

George Baker, a lovely soft red,

and Beth Evans, a gorgeous pink.

I also purchased a couple of years earlier a soft unnamed lilac corydalis. This one, although smaller has proved it likes it here, seeding over by my magnolia.

Pieris 2013

This is the second year that my Pieris japonica ‘Mountain Fire’ has flowered.

Pieris 2012

Last year it was in March due to the very early spring and I totally missed it. However I got to enjoy it this year, looking forward to it increasing in size.

And my muscari looked better then ever, just ignore the end where I still have to transplant some, still loving the ribbon effect.


Now you can see the balcony/balconies at the back of the Deliverance house, no stairs down to ground level yet, but I am sure they are coming. Just praying for my hedge to grow.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Although the song is talking about christmas, for me, it is spring.  Although anytime I get to visit my garden now becomes the most wonderful time of year.  But here was spring in my garden (a bit late), I was soooo very excited. Just a quick look at what was happening all around me.

All three of my witch hazels were still in flower,

Hamamelis ‘Arnold’s Promise’

This one I took the moment I arrived, just starting to get dark.


Magic Fire

Another problem with trying to post two months later, I can’t remember if this is Jelena or Magic Fire, I am inclined to think the latter.

Crocus Roseus, although looking a bit more lilac here.

And perhaps, if I lie to myself, a few more tommies then last year.

A friend gave me a number of helleborus seedlings three years ago. This spring a couple of them started flowering for the first time,

this was the first one to open,

and in bud another.

Scilla tubergeniana is bulking up nicely,

love the ice blue flowers.

This is the first year that I got to see Bulbocodium vernum flower,

often referred to as a spring Colchicum.

There was lots more in bloom, but I have to leave you wanting more, lol….

lyrics by Andy Williams

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Thanks for Waiting

Picture me doing a happy dance right about now. Well not exactly now, I am at the library trying to write this on my iPad, (not exactly fun), and I can’t even see the ground anymore as we are having a bit of a snowstorm. But it is April, and it will soon melt, and I will get to see my lovelies again. Yes, all my galanthus waited for me.

That was how my first post was going to start on my visit back to Canada. Soon after I realized that blogging with an iPad was just not going to happen for me.  But thanks for waiting, both you and my galanthus.

Oooh the galanthus, this has been the best year so far. Not only have my nivalis increased in number, but I even had a couple of named varieties flower for the first time.

And my specials,

Lady Beatrix Stanley


This is S. Arnott. Sorry it was out of focus. By the time I got these loaded on my iPad, and looked at them, he was out of flower. I will hopefully, have a better photo next year.




Galanthus woronowii


I can’t believe how easy it has been to post these photos on my laptop. As much as I loved the lightweight iPad the laptop is going home with me in the autumn. Thanks for your patience.

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Shut the Door, Already Four?

Wow, four years already. How fast the time has gone, although I have certainly not accomplished what I want at Kilbourne Grove, I have made a good start.

Thank you for following my adventures over the last four years and always being supportive (even when I have not been able to post photos, lol).

I am returning to Barbados in the next couple of weeks and I shall up date (bore) you soon.

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Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

I shot myself in the foot. What does that expression mean anyway, and where does it come from?

I was so proud of myself. I have a new iPad and I brought it back with me to Canada. Soooo much lighter then my laptop, no laptop bag so I have an extra carry on, super  important.

However, I should have tested it first. I use my photos from Picasa to post on my blog, and you have to right click. You can’t on an iPad, so no photos and no posts.

Till I return anyway…

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